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A State of Consciousness

Hello Beautiful Souls,

The last few weeks have been pretty intense. The energies coming through and the portals that have opened throughout the last few weeks have taken a toll on many.

These portals have delivered energies for you to integrate and align with your souls divine purpose. These frequencies will assist you in making space for what is to come within the next few months. The frequency rhythm you are currently dialed into, is not a match for you any longer. Be aware, this is why you are going through a period of change, integrating the new energies. The things that no longer serve you are now falling away, out of reach, for your consciousness level to rise.

Throughout the course of history, there have been many events that changed the course of our world. These events have taken place in the utmost love for humanity's ascension.

For those who are empaths and are sensitive, if you are feeling as if the world has caved in on you, just know this is temporary. Although, there have been many changes recently within the collective, that timeline has changed for the highest benefit of the world. The new age of Aquarius is now upon us. As such, there has been clearing on a massive scale and as humans we are adapting to the changes. Here is some advice to ease the transition over the next few months.

When you change your perception on a situation, you change the situation, itself.

As you look at something, look at it as an observation, rather than a reflection. What is your soul trying to show you? Start by grounding every day. Send your roots back into the earth, where your star Chakra is. About a foot below your feet. This is your connection to mother earth. You offer your energies to be transmuted back into light, relieving yourself of anything that is no longer serving you. This will allow space within your etheric bodies for other energies and higher frequencies too envelop you.

Transmute anything that is a lower vibration, into unconditional love. Jealousy, anger, and resentment are lower vibrational energies that will not serve you. As lightworkers your mission is to bring heaven back to earth, by healing past wounds and bringing knowledge to pay forward to the next generation.

Divine Light

As a mentor and Spiritual Thought Leader, I have observed different situations from all walks of life. We all have one thing in common. I believe we are all equal and deserve the same unconditional love. No one is above the law, or the laws of the universe.

Along this journey, we are all tested at different times in our lives. Some experience bliss and joy and other have tremendous pain and sorrow. Each experience is designed to take us to the next level in our ascension. To integrate knowledge and pass it forward, so the next generation may benefit from the work done within this lifetime. The journey never ends. It is what I call new beginnings or a rebirth.

Are you ready for the next stage? Check out the link for the mentorship programs! They are designed to support your own ascension path, while gaining insight and tools for your souls divine purpose. This is not a shortcut; this is a real journey. My mission is to support you and humanity, while speaking your authentic truth, with confidence, compassion and unconditional love.