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Be Humble!

While humility is rare to find today, here are some common signs that you exemplify a true humble spirit.

5 Signs You’re a Truly Humble Spirit

1. You Don’t Feel the Need to Boast

Humble people don’t need to brag about their accomplishments or beg others for attention; they already feel confident enough in themselves and don’t wish to always have the spotlight on them.

If you can walk through life feeling assured of your own path and your achievements without needing others to approve or acknowledge you, that’s a major sign that you have a humble disposition.

2. You Put Others Before Yourself

If you constantly worry about others and want to make a difference in their lives, you are probably a pretty humble person. Wanting to serve others is a common trait of humble people. If you volunteer for a local charity, work with the disabled or disadvantaged, or dedicate your life’s work to positively impacting others somehow, you should consider yourself a humble spirit.

3. You Enjoy Making Others Happy

If you put other people before yourself, chances are that you enjoy putting a smile on their faces. Self-absorbed people tend to only think about what benefits them, whereas humbled people look beyond themselves to what can benefit the entire planet. They enjoy contributing to the greater good, and believe that their purpose lies in contributing to others lives in a positive way.

If you truly love to lift others up and see their lives get progressively better, it’s safe to say that you are a humble person.

4. You Don’t Believe Life Owes You Anything

In reality, life doesn’t owe us anything; we actually owe something to life. However, most people feel entitled to more money, power, clothing, or other things in life, without stopping to think what they can bring to the table.

Humble people don’t subscribe to a victim mentality – they work the best they can with what they have, and remain thankful for everything they have been given. They find happiness with what they already have, and view anything else they may get in life as a bonus. Humble people focus on what they can give, not what they can get.

5. You See Everyone as Equal

Humble people don’t see themselves as better or worse than anyone else. In fact, they aren’t even concerned with how they measure up to others; they’re too busy focusing on becoming their best selves to feel jealous of someone else’s status. And, even if they do pay attention to what others are doing, they don’t feel threatened or worried about their actions. They encourage others and act as a team player. Humble people don’t feel the need to compare themselves to other people – they feel confident in their own path and realize that everyone on Earth must follow their own hearts.