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Experiencing is all the proof you will need.

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

The entire foundation of the Infinity and cosmos, rests on attaining the actual experience of complete presence of being in the moment. We are all subject to universal and galactic law. Some quotations from the Bible and other sources illustrate principles, but the light angel is not offering as proof. The revelations which have been giving to the light angel and are being passed on to you and shared are just his experiences, on his awakening journey. (So far) any proof will not come from himself but will come from within. You cannot be persuaded, or your mind changed, as this knowledge must be experienced not gained you will not find this from friend’s relatives or anybody else close to you. This is a journey to go inwards (The Awakening).

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Consciousness can we opened it in one of two ways. One, is very rare, and there's only been experienced by very few in the history of the world, this is when your soul (God, source) Oh however this resonates with yourself, will open the door to higher consciousness understanding. The other is when the individual (you) opens the door yourself this is the most common way old gaining enlightenment. This way is done through meditation, trust and belief the ability to understand I'm believe there is more to what you see with the 3D eyes dimensions, upon dimensions, into the Infinity of the cosmos and beyond. The awakening starts with an acceptance of we are one with everything as above so below. By staying present in the moment all thoughts become legitimate as 2 words but only off steppingstones to the experience of inner presence. When we are in meditation the light Angel believes the charkas align, when in alignment they are the circular energy movement. From within your etheric field Creating a vortex of energy from within to the higher chakras. Once we are in meditation, we have opened the door To the higher consciousness And have felt the presence enter and we do not look from it in 3D form. It would be the form of awareness, an assurance a peace, we can be sure that is divine, as we are all divine and connected as one. Healing takes place Only when your consciousness anybody is one, this is the same state of awareness of R.A.M (Random Access Memory) when we are sleeping. When The Light Angel is connected to the soul, Incorporated or channeling, he normally receives messages starting with divine one's or beloved’s. The higher self will never address you as a singular.

Joshua 7

The LORD said to Joshua, “Stand up! What are you doing down on your face?

As we have to what extent we would like to substitute a good human condition for an evil one, we know why our prayers are not answered. To go on a spiritual Inward bound based Journey with human ideas of what is right and futile. The light Angel, firmly believes we must be willing to surrender to all that we presently know. Allow consciousness to come forward I'm present truth to us from divine source (God). This is equally true on business family or friendships in all walks of life. As we surrender to our journey, start trusting and believing in ourselves, our divine soul oneness, we then connect subconsciously to divine source knowledge, the abundant information channel to our true selves. The I AM within us the true soul will always be the inner voice to follow, it guides us, heals us and feeds us divine knowledge. Revealing doors to other dimensions as we are multi-dimensional

Prayer to self is more powerful that you know.


Are you ready for your journey?

Are you ready to step through them doors?

The time is now to surrender. The time of now is awakening.

Baz Porter

Have a blessed day The Light Angel