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Full Moon January 10/2020

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer ~ Finding Home Within Ourselves

January 10, 2020 at 2:22PM EST

The ancients believed that when the Full Moon fell in your sun sign, your pineal gland — the seat of your soul — would be activated, allowing you to align more deeply with the cosmos and higher dimensions around you.

Having the Full Moon in your sun sign typically happens once a year, so when it does, it’s like you are being given access to special energies that will guide you through the next 12 months.

While all zodiac signs get their own Full Moon each year, in 2019, there was one sign that missed out.

To all those born under the Cancer Sun, 2019 offered you no Full Moon. You missed out on your opportunity to receive the special wisdom and illumination that comes when the Full Moon is in your sign.

But now, the first Full Moon in line for 2020 falls on January 10th in the sign of Cancer, but it’s not your average Full Moon. It is a Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipses fall on the Full Moon and are extra potent. Seeing as Cancer missed out on its Full Moon in 2019, you can expect this Eclipse energy to be incredibly potent.

All of us — no matter our sign — are going to feel the Cancerian energies raining down hard under this Eclipse.

What adds to this energy is that the Sun — along with four other planets — will be in Capricorn, forming what is known as a stellium.

This Capricorn stellium will try to reign in Cancer’s watery, emotional sensitivity, but this may only result in making things more challenging.

Cancer needs to have its moment, and it’s not going to let the thoughtful, logical, and practical Capricorn rain on its parade!

Cancer is coming out of its shell to remind us of its full power, and we are all going to get a taste of that under this potent Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipses bring portals of accelerated energy that help to shift and move things from our lives.

They can also bring endings and resolutions to things we’ve outgrown but have yet to let go of.

Lunar Eclipses can be harsh as they often clear a path for us that we didn’t quite feel we were ready for. They can accelerate our soul journeys by releasing something from our lives or illuminating truths that we need to realize in order to keep moving forward on our path.

As Cancerian energy will be strong, it’s likely that this Eclipse will seem super emotional, and we may find ourselves feeling extra sensitive or even irritable.

Cancer rules over the heart chakra as well, meaning we may feel the boundaries around our heart cracking wide open, which can be both beautiful and painful at the same time.

Heart activations are possible under this energy, so if you’ve been working on heart healing, you can definitely use this energy to push yourself even further and open your heart center a little more.

Sometimes we have to take action during a Full Moon in order to benefit from its energies, but under this Eclipse, we may just have to sit back and allow the Universe to bring in whatever it may.

We can allow ourselves to be guided, we just have to put our faith in the Universe and trust that whatever comes and whatever goes is doing so as part of our soul’s path and destiny.

This Cancer Lunar Eclipse will be working in tandem with the Capricorn Solar Eclipse we had back on December 25—26, 2019.

Themes around the Solar Eclipse may come to the forefront or may be magnified under this energy.

As this Lunar Eclipse falls in Cancer, our attention may turn to our home and family environments or to our feelings of being at home within ourselves.

We may feel caught up in family dynamics in some way or find ourselves reflecting on our relationships and what family means to us.

We may also find ourselves creating space in our lives to feel more at home within ourselves or to set better boundaries with the ones we love.

We all tend to feel Eclipses a little bit differently, but all of us are likely to notice themes emerging around our home and family environment and the feelings that these things conjure up for us.

Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury will also be very active around this Eclipse, and Uranus is getting ready to station direct the day after.

Saturn and Pluto are major players in the astrology of 2020, but Mercury’s involvement is likely to bring communication to the forefront.

We are going to have to work on being clear in how we communicate with others and how we approach any difficult or tense conversations that may arise.

We may also be encouraged to speak our truth and to share our wisdom in a way that helps liberate us and release us from some of the heaviness that has been weighing us down.

There is this sense that the truth will set us free, but truths can often be painful to hear at first.

If some new truths are uncovered, Uranus turning direct on January 11th will help to bring us some clarity.

Overall, this Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is likely to be intense and will set the stage for the months to come.

It will be guiding us to express ourselves more authentically, open our hearts, get in touch with our emotions, and work on feeling at home within ourselves.

It may also stir up family dynamics or illuminate challenges within the home. We may also feel a need to speak our truth or we may find that a truth is illuminated for us that changes our path and life direction.

The January 10th Lunar Eclipse will guide all of us in some way to release and let go of things that are no longer serving our highest purpose so we can accelerate and leap forward on our soul journey.

Source forever conscious.

Blessings The Light Angel