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I AM vs i am

The definition of I AM, as a soul this is a part of you which is more powerful then you could possibly imagine. The capital I AM 'has no ego, it's only has divine intent. Which will only serve you at your highest possible value. It does not differentiate between mind or the heart, if you wish to create something, to manifest within your life you must first understand, the difference between the capital I AM and the small i am.

Capital I AM is no ego it does not evaluate a situation from the mind’s perspective, it only evaluates from the soles perspective it does not show anger, jealousy, resentment, or malice. The capital I AM always works from my place of unconditional love with no attachments. If we are operating out of unconditional love the I AM the truth soul calling, will always be speaking. This is your divine self talking, with no attachment or ego everything this is said, is and you highest purpose.

There is an old proverb

Silence the mind, still the heart, and your soul will show the way”

The small i am ego based on acts from the heart space and mind set, this will only serve you on an egotistical level. The ego abundance is coming from unnecessary work towards an outcome. This does not serve or cannot serve your highest good. When we operate from unconditional love, we heal, transmute and integrate energy throughout our human bodies. When we incorporate energies throughout our bodies directly from above or higher energy sources, we embody knowledge, to integrate for future events to take effect, manifesting our 3D reality. If we are operating from an egoic mind set we are not operating in our highest potential, therefore operating from the small (ego I AM).

When we live from a complete place of unconditional love and in gratitude our lives change, we see more of our own universe, our own souls, our true selves. These form the paving blocks for a new spiritual dynamic of self-discovery. When we truly let go of our old selves, to embrace the new change within us, we become aware of more than just what we see. Just by living in a complete state of I AM. Leaving the egotistical I am just an old vision of our former selves.

If you are a journey, try spending a moment and thinking about which I AM you are operating from unconditional love is the one we all should be aiming for.

Please share this message with love and gratitude

Be blessed The Light Angel

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