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Letting Go & Surrendering

Someone who is spiritual doesn’t only think of himself, but also cares about others. He feels responsible for the impact of what he does on his surrounding and other people. He is thoughtful. He understands that our essence comes from a oneness. He of course knows that what he is sending out is coming back to him.

When you are spiritual, you will understand that mind is more important than body or any other matter. If your mind is healthy, your body will be healthy and your life will be good. This is the reason that spirituality is about the mind in the first place. Meant here is the subconscious mind, the universal mind and the higher mind. The individual essence gives us some directions and we all are part of a universal essence.

Improving Your Spirituality will help you

• be aware of yourself • be aware of how you feel • live a better life • feel better and be healthy • be joyful • to create what you want Aren’t that great facts to raise your level of spirituality?

We are made of vibrating energy. Everything we perceive is made of vibrating energy, which some call Light Energy. The higher the frequency of your vibration, the lighter, better and more joyful you will feel. And this gives you the ability to create what you want. All what someone who is highly spiritual wants is positive, good and joyful.

What can you do to become more spiritual?

become aware that you are consciousness become aware of your frequency live in the Light Energy.

Highly Spiritual People Meditate

This is one way to become more spiritual, raise your frequency of vibration, become lighter and a better creator.

And you can use Light Energy that flows into your body through your crown chakra, which stands for spirituality. With using light energy I mean becoming aware of the magic power of light energy and direct it to the crown chakra, if you want to raise your level of spirituality.

Light energy is there. Your body consists of light energy. And light energy enters your body through all pores. One day it will turn into pure light energy. Some people can see it. It is powerful and can be called magic.

When you are not seeing light energy, imagine it as a pure white light. This light cleanse, regenerates, and energizes body and mind. Your thoughts will become more positive and clear. Your thoughts generate feelings and they are responsible for your wellbeing and your frequency of vibrations.

The higher your vibration, the quicker you will create what you want That is a great advantage of becoming more spiritual. With a higher vibration you will radiate wonderfully and this happiness will be felt positively by others. When you are able to quickly create, you will also be able to help other people.

f you want to use light energy to improve your spirituality,

you can listen to the More Spirituality 3A Subliminal and you can listen to the More Spirituality Guided Meditation.You can imagine light energy flow into your body through your crown chakra while you are meditating.You can also ha

Light Energy Meditation for More Spirituality

Make yourself comfortable. Sit down on a chair or on the floor. You can, but do not have to sit in a cross-legged position. Make sure that your back is straight. Put your hands onto your thighs. Have your hands with the palms upward and put the fingers of the right hand on top of the fingers of the left hand. You can also have your arms loosely rest on your thighs. Make three long breaths. Then breathe regularly.

Imagine now a ray of light of pure white light flowing into your crown chakra. Imagine that it is filling your head. Watch how the pure white light fills your brain and all your head, how it flows downward through the neck into your torso into your hands and fingers, further down into your legs and feet, until your whole body is filled with white light. You breathe out dirty light and constantly new pure light flows through your crown chakra into your body. The pure white light cleans, renews and energizes all cells of your body and your mind.

Feel how good it feels. You feel so relaxed, lighter and happier. Your emotional frequency of vibration rises. Watch how your next goal is reached and your ardent wishes are fulfilled. See this happen in your imagination. Feel the joy of having what you want. Feel the joy of living your dream life. Feel how you are radiating this joy.

Send this joyful radiation toward people who are dear to you. Include them and their wishes in your imaginations. Think that what you give you will get back. Sending some of your light energy to others will reinforce your radiation.

Return your focus to the white light, which fills all your body and watch how it radiates from your body. It radiates from and to all directions. This radiation stays also after you have ended this meditative imagination. The more often you make this meditation and imagination, the stronger this radiation will be.