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The seventh sense!!


Reading the allegory of Plato’s cave, there is a point that almost no one has analyzed, although this point hides an incredibly serious encoded information.

How many have wondered: Why are those who return from the True Light of the real world – back to the dark cave – considered by the rest of the prisoners blind?

Let’s analyze then- after we initially see what it says – the particular point in the allegory of Plato’s cave, referring to the return of the hero, who after visiting the True World – outside the cave – decided to return back to inform his former companions, about what he saw:

“But returning back to the dark cave – coming from the Absolute Light – his eyes would be filled with darkness and would not be able to see clearly. And from the sudden transition from the light of the sun to darkness, he would seem blind.

His companions then would mock him, telling him that by going out, he eventually lost his sight.

Because down there, praises and honors and prizes were given to the one who had the strongest vision to see the shadow parade, and who remembered more precisely which shadows used to pass first and which later on, and was able to guess better than others which shadow was to appear next.

And if he competed with those all-knowing prisoners – trying to say his opinion about the passing shadows – he would make them burst with laughter because he would have lost any such ability of prediction by going up to the real world. And everyone would say about him that he returned from where he went, with his eyes ruined, and that it is not worth it to even try to go up there!”

Before we begin analyzing the passage, it should be noted that every myth desymbolizes seven levels of knowledge 7 Gates of Dreaming ; from the highest spiritual level to the absolutely physical and material one.

We in this analysis will focus on decoding the highest spiritual level.

Those involved with metaphysics and inner knowledge, have understood the basic points of the allegory of Plato’s cave.

These are:

1) The prisoners are us, the material men.

2) The shadows projected on the cave’s wall, are our physical world.

3) The invisible space behind the backs of the prisoners, corresponds to the invisible energy dimensions which are also the cause of the projections of the shadows onto our material visible world.

4) The fire that burns behind the backs of the prisoners and is higher than the road on which the sources of the shadows walk, corresponds to the god creator of this world, the ‘Creator Noûs’, made of fire and spirit as Hermes Trismegistus describes him.

5) The World outside the cave corresponds to the Real Worlds of Agathon and the Truth the Supreme Being THE MONAD THE ORIGIN OF EVERYTHING

Let’s return to the point we are analyzing.

The chained captives who have acquired the talent to predict which shadow will pass first and which second, are the people who in our world identify with mediums, prophets and psychics, who have developed the so-called sixth sense.

But what does it mean where it says that when someone manages to unchain himself and go out to the real world with the true light, returning back – from the absolute light to the darkness of the cave – seems to have lost all of his sight, resulting in his mocking by the rest of the prisoners that by going out he was eventually blinded!!!!

This point reveals a very big secret!!

The chained men who have developed the talent of divination and insight, and are admired by the rest, have only reached the sixth energy center.

But they still remain INSIDE THE CAVE.

The things they foresee are about what lies INSIDE THE CAVE and exist behind the backs of the captives, and are invisible to the rest of the prisoners.

About the world outside the cave, and about the world of Truth and Agathon, they don’t know anything, neither can they say anything about it.

But when someone goes out to the True Light, he loses the attribute of the sixth sense –the ability to predict the shadows of the cave – because he now acquires the 7th sense of the perception of the Truth.

This is a key point of the path of redemption.

As long as someone possesses the sixth sense, his existence, is controlled by his physical and energy bodies, which also bring to him the corresponding information concerning the energy spaces within the cave.

But when someone acquires the seventh sense of Truth, then he is guided only by his awakened Spirit, because what it conveys does not concern the energy spaces of imprisonment (inside the cave), but the Spiritual Worlds of Truth and Agathon (outside the cave).

But let’s look at the same allegory, from a different level of decoding – opening a small parenthesis – and paralleling the physical human body to the cave.


In the 6th sense, the sixth energy center is activated. This center is located at the so-called third eye, at the center of the forehead, and is identified with the “all seeing eye”, namely the archon of this world !!!!!!!!!!!


This archon however, is no other than the fire that burns in the cave and creates the world of shadows, which the prisoners consider to be true.

But this energy center is located INSIDE the body and is thus located within the area of the cave (for our parallelism). Therefore, what it conveys belongs only to the matrix of the cave.

In contrast, in the 7th sense, the 7th energy center is activated which is located at the top of the head, outside the body – and for our parallelism – outside the cave, namely at the boundary between the matrix and the worlds of Truth.

When this center is predominantly activated, the information it conveys, is only from Out there.

Homer in his coded work, Odyssey, identifies the tempting and sweet trap of the 6th sense, with the Sirens which can lead their admirer to perdition.

Sirens were portrayed as winged birds with a woman’s face.

According to the myth, the Sirens were maritime nymphs (Naiades) escorts of Persephone. When Hades kidnapped Persephone, her mother Demetra, gave them bodies of birds to help her in her search.

But since they could not find her, they settled down on an island, from where, with their tempting song, they lured the travelers of the ships that approached their area and then brought about their destruction.

They are identified with the psychic ability of the 6th sense.

According to myths from all over the world, the birds are the messengers of the gods.

They are guiding the wizards in the Spirit world and the souls of the dead in the Kingdom of the Underworld. They follow the heroes on their quests and reveal to them the well-kept secrets.

They warn of upcoming disasters and show insight when they advise.

That is why the Shamans – of America and Africa – wore bird feathers; and sometimes they even wore bird heads.

So, the Sirens are the powers of this world, which are asking in sweet words to entice and seduce a human soul so as to cause her failure, when they see her traveling towards redemption.

They represent the powers of this world that prevent any way they can, any man asking to be redeemed from his bondage and thraldom from coming out of the Matrix’s cave.

Thus, Plato’s hero, who returns back to the dark cave from the true light, has lost the ability to see and predict inside the matrix, not possessing the 6th sense anymore, since he has now acquired the 7th, that is about the cognizance of the True World.

This seventh sense can only be conquered by bypassing the sixth! This is a very helpful clue for those who intend to move forward, and Plato reveals it skillfully in his allegory.

Of course, as a result, his companions who are still in captivity, discredit him and do not take seriously what he tells them, because they can neither understand nor acknowledge anything other than what is related to the virtual world of the shadows they see, which keep them hostages.

Leave behind the Siddhis and destroy the seeds of slavery they will give you.

Let the Astral forces not drive away with the power and fame they offer you in the material world.

All of these achievements are ephemeral and lead nowhere.

Don’t let yourself be tempted by the enchanting smile of the heavenly beings coming to congratulate you. They are deathly traps.

The Supernatural Forces

There are nine great forces, the riddhis. There are also eight even greater, the siddhis and eighteen lower ones. The Siddhis are the following:

Animan: becoming minute, penetrating in everything even in a molecule. Thus you can notice the structure, the organs and the diseases of the human body.

Maniham: becoming colossal, piercing everything in the space and noticing the function of the full-fledged order of the solar systems.

Gariman: becoming as heavy as steel and in bringing any object to a halt.

Lagiman: becoming very light and neutralizing the attracting force which gravity exercises on your body. This skill is especially applied in meteorism.

Prapti: fulfilling all your wishes, transferring yourself to any place of the space only by thought (not by material body).

Pracamya: an invincible will that fulfills all the material wishes.

Vasitva: controlling and imposing one’s will onto all creatures and forces of nature e.g. the air, the rain etc.

Isitva: creating, conserving and destroying. This ability is at the disposal and use – after higher mandates – of several avatar (divine incarnations or social reformers) as confirmation of their teaching, without self-interested intention or show-offishness.

Apart from the above skills man can develop additional ones which he may have had ever since his birth at a lower or higher degree and which he can improve even more. These skills may be conveyed by a certain spiritual teacher, who already has them, to his disciples as part of his teaching and are the following:

Understanding the language of the birds and the animals while they react in a friendly way.

Knowing his previous lives and also knowing his death-toll.

Reading other people’s deep thoughts.

Knowing, by intuition, the secrets of the creation of the earth and the planets as well as of the historic events that have taken place during the millions of years of earth’s existence. Having the sixth sense or radiosense.

Foretelling the future.

Transferring himself (his consciousness) to any place in the world and having it projected in a body like the actors are projected on a film-screen.

Healing by touch.

Acquiring bodily perfection (rupa, raga etc.)

Clairvoyance, clairaudiance, telepathy and premonition are considered lower psychic forces even though they are a gate to the astral senses.

Developing one’s own astral forces may bring satisfaction to one’s ego, may provide fame and wealth but in no way can these practices help in man’s spiritual trip. All of the above mentioned forces and also some higher ones are underproducts of the spiritual growth as the disciple ascends the hierarchical ladder of Mysticism discipline. The spiritual man and the disciple who is interested in advancing upwards without delay does not make use of these forces because this would actually lead to delay and suspension of the spiritual progress. The Great Masters teach that godship can not be achieved with the evolution of the mind but with its transcendence and with the selfdevotion to the “Higher Self”. .The only way to know God is to be God

The road to truth and freedom

It takes courage, discernment and self honesty to walk the road to truth and freedom. Not many people have that. We have been weakened by the onslaught of programming since our childhood. Most people want to remain in the herd, as they find comfort in the company of other deluded souls. It takes a certain individual to break free of the herd. The road is not easy. It is a treacherous road that will shatter every part of your existence. No, it takes a certain type of person to walk that road; a person that is willing to give up everything to find his true Self.🏴‍☠️🖤🏴‍☠️