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~~Twin Flame Silver Cord: Invisible Thread Between Two Bodies~~

"We are split from our Twin Flame at the time of our creation and at birth when the Universal Source energy that unifies us divides into two distinct threads expressed through our physical, mental and emotional minds on the physical plane. We are not only linked inextricably by destiny but an additional unbreakable link that we only share with our Twin Flame.

That link is often described as a silver cord.The silver cord extends from our heart chakra and out through our chest, stretching through the spiritual plane and connecting with our Twin Flame’s heart chakra. Many who experience OBE/astral travel speak of the silver cord that attaches them to their body. When our twin is incarnated with us, the cord can be seen extending to their body as well.

This cord is guarded by destiny (or divinity, guardians, there are many words describing the same thing) and is eternal and unbreakable.

It exists for the purpose of our ascension. We are so inextricably linked to our Twin Flame because they are the final path and lesson back to unity and oneness.

For this reason, the silver cord that connects the heart chakras of Twin Flames can never be severed. Not in this lifetime. Not ever. It is an eternal bond created while you are lost in the 3D human experience. It is the only bond that is eternal until physical reunion.

Difficult Times~~

This can cause real heartbreak when the Twin Flame relationship is difficult and painful.

This intrinsic connection that we share with our Twin Flame means that we cannot escape the destiny we share, and where the relationship is tumultuous and painful, we can feel betrayed by fate, albeit there are forces that will work against your union while either of you is not fully awakened.

These are the times when we want more than anything to sever that silver cord that seems to tether us to our pain. But we cannot. Our Twin Flame is too vital to our soul journey for the universe to allow us to sever that cord. However, destiny knows the pain that we experience in being so connected to a relationship that is at once dysfunctional and visceral, and the silver cord holds the properties that allow us to at least alleviate that pain.

The cord is, in a way, elastic. It allows for push and pull, for a more significant distance between Twin Flames. So while we cannot sever that silver cord, we can for a while pull away from our Twin Flame. Often, in fact, we are supposed to. Because while the Twin Flame relationship is core to our soul journey, separation from our Twin Flame is a part of that journey too.

If we find that our relationship with our Twin Flame is too painful, too much to handle, it may be that we still have lessons to learn elsewhere, that we have other karmic debts to pay before we can fully commit to this relationship. And that is okay. But we must always keep in mind one simple truth: the Twin Flame relationship is eternal, the cord will never be severed.

In fact, it will tend to pull us back together, bringing us to a closer connection whenever we need support in moving forward in our soul journey. What that does not mean is staying in a relationship with our Twin Flame, romantic or platonic, when our inner self-tells us that it is damaging, If indeed they are actually our twin. That silver cord cannot be severed no matter what you do or what comes in the way of the union." ~~United In Spirit