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What Is A Spiritual Portal??

Updated: Jan 3

A Spirit Portal is any person, place or object that acts as a channel for unrelated Spiritual beings to travel to and from the physical realm, we know as Earth.

What could be a portal:

The most common human-made portals include entry points such as mirrors, doorways, and windows. Those in Spirit often enter our houses through doorways, especially if we live near a busy street, or through a window, a popular portal of Angels and Guides.

Anywhere where energy can concentrate and flow through both ways, can become a portal. Waterfalls, geological divides, fissures in the earth, riverways, all of these can be portals.

Anything with a porous, osmotic boundary can become a portal, such as natural materials.

Anything with a high heat holding capacity makes a great portal.

Anything where magnetic energy concentrates, which can be related to the geological makeup of the area, can be a portal. Geological portals are called Vortices.

Places where many individuals in the physical realm are crossing over into the realm of Spirit, such as hospitals, murder-zones, battlefields, can also be portals.

Since many Spirits were once human, and humans are permeable beings, humans can also act as portals.

When humans are portals, we have another name for them, we call them "channels."

These are natural spirit sensitives and mediums, who are portals whether the person is consciously aware of it or not. Though, in my personal opinion, it’s better if a person who is a portal is consciously aware of this ability because then they have more control as to whom they act on a portal behalf of than if they weren't aware.

What is not a portal:

Though they may seem like it, objects such as Ouija boards, electronic devices, and pendulums are not technically portals, rather, they are communication tools that can be used to connect with a Spirit already present. However, a collection of communication tools in one place over a long period could create a portal, or a large enough energy draw to create a space where energy can flow through freely. Thus, having these items in your house, while they may draw spirits closer to you with interest in communication, they are not open doorways necessarily locked away in a drawer.

Additionally, while Spirits can be attached to furniture, objects, and buildings, these examples are technically called attachments, not portals.

If you have a flowing energy space that you think is a portal in your home:

It’s possible to clear a portal in your home or even redirect it using Feng Shui, crystal gridding, and energy clearing techniques.

You can look to the geological lines, or even hidden springs, or local fissures to find out where high energy flows will be in and around a home before buying it.

They can be positive or negative, created through magnetic forces, geologic or even by human centers of energy.

They can also go dormant and later become activated due to a variety of reasons.

While they can make life more joyous for those who live in and around the positive energy portals, the negative ones can make it difficult to sleep or create nightmares. It is not uncommon for there to be portals inside homes, schools, churches, or for humans to create them through conscious actions. Even positive portals can make one jittery.

What you attract, think about and spend your time on will often draw those types of spirits to that space, so portals can also be created and strengthened over time through collective human thoughts, making it so in some spaces, it is easier to reach or access certain entities than others.

For example, in places where angels are revered, a portal for that type of entity, and similar, may ultimately be strengthened through continued prayer, meditation, and a continued effort to cycle that type of energy through the space.

The portals and the energies they contain, can also have an effect on humans, and those near them, over a continued period of time, as well.

No spirit portal exists within a vacuum, meaning they all affect those around them and are influenced by the area they’re in, along with any other interacting elements, so it helps to know what they are, where they could be and how one can influence you or you, it.