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The Light Body

And Kundalini


What Are The Abilities Of The New Light Body?

Many people are spiritually awakened and seem happy with their limited abilities. They still need to do daily meditation to stay alert and continually monitor their tendency to revert to reacting as the personality. Many people are keenly alert only a small part of the day, and to do that takes effort. Some people cannot be aware at all, and unfortunately believe they can do it. Do not get me wrong, it takes many hours of meditation to get any result, and to become enlightened it has to be done. What I am saying here is do not be happy with a mediocre result, there is much more possible.

It is obvious that the transformation is reorganizing my brain and nervous system, with what seems an infinite number of new nervous system branches all over the body. My body and mind are gradually filling with light, and everything in my body is connected to each part in a fast and new way. At the time of writing this book, I have not completed this transformation, so can only guess about the final abilities. I have many benefits now and presume others are possible given my understanding of this transformation. The strangest thing is there is no perceptible change in my outward physical appearance, despite the thousands of hours energy has worked in my body and mind. I believe the physical change and full abilities will manifest when all energy is recovered from the personality. When more people complete the kundalini transformation, the benefits will be more widely known.

I think some benefits for human beings are feasible today and some will not manifest for hundreds of years. It seems logical that if I have healed myself of personality, then I should never need to sleep. I feel sleep is necessary in our evolution, to give our higher-self access to heal us before we can do it on our own. Because healing is always going on once kundalini is awakened, it seems logical we should never have disease or grow old. It seems the structure of personality and the mind-voice will persist until the brain is rewired. I guess one structure will be replaced by the new one in the blink of an eye. I think when the last energy has been recovered from the personality; all that energy will form as a strong vortex and will go up the spine with orgasm and then complete the final changes to the brain. I have heard that is like the tree of life expanding in the brain. That vortex will be like death when the soul leaves the body, but this time because there is orgasm it will produce a new life. After that, the new body with the new features will grow and the physical outward changes and new abilities will become obvious. I presume.

Benefits I Am Experiencing

Frequent momentary occurrences of heightened hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch
Healing of congenital defect and all adhesions in all bony structures
Increasing flexibility and elasticity in the body
Rarely get sick
Keen insight and intuition
Happiness and sense of joy, rarely down and not for long
Increase in extrasensory abilities, such as distance healing and insight
Increased compassion and love for others
Easy to control the mind-chatter
No longer walking in circles in life
Learning how to create my vision in the world
High energy levels all days

Theoretical Benefits

Not needing to sleep
Total disappearance of mind-voice
Spontaneous reactions and adaptation to events
Thinking capacity beyond any IQ level recorded in normal human
New organization of brain and body into one mind and body
Ability to transmute toxic substances
Extraordinary sensory abilities
Super efficient digestion, perfect metabolism without toxic buildup.
Ability to adapt body to hot and cold, not needing heat nor cooling systems.
Ability to regenerate any damaged body part, including growing new teeth.
Ability to self-heal and maintain proper equilibrium and homeostasis in body.
Ability to communicate telepathically with others of same ability.
Not needing to be reborn on Earth, moving on to another life form.
Not aging, keeping a youthful appearance.
Free from misery and suffering.
Elastic, adaptable, strong, flexible and agile body, alive and energetic.
Compassion for all life forms and loss of fear.
Full restoration of sexual reproduction ability.


Human beings are currently evolving into a new species, popularized as the light body. Each day more people are experiencing kundalini awakening symptoms, which are signs of our human metamorphosis. Our light body starts to grow when our vibration is high enough to activate DNA instructions that exist in our genetic code. The growing force that permeates everything is increasing the vibration of all objects over time. Eventually we reach a point where the old body design can no longer thrive in the increased vibratory field and a species wide metamorphosis is triggered. That is where we are at today. We have no knowledge about our evolution to a new species because our recorded history is not long enough. When it happens to people today they have no idea about what is happening to them, and there is little information about it. For this reason, I share my story of transformation to my light body as well my theories about how and why this is happening.

I had the typical American life, growing up in small towns in a military family and we moved often. After getting a college degree, I married, had children, and enjoyed the suburban life in a city with all the material comforts. Life seemed great but unbeknownst to me, an inner darkness was growing and eventually nothing I gained satisfied me. Around this time in 1990, I investigated spiritual topics and started to meditate. From then on, I did meditation twice per day and worked with alterative therapies over the years. In 1999, I had a spiritual awakening with a barrage of kundalini symptoms. I quit my job and my focus after that was on self-realization. In late 2005, when working with Reiki, I started having kundalini awakening symptoms. In January 2006, at forty-seven years, the full-blown kundalini transformation triggered. When it happened, I had no idea what it was so I searched the Internet for answers. I found the name for this phenomenon was kundalini awakening. Back then, there was little support and information about it. I had many questions and wanted to talk to someone who had been through it. There were a few groups in the Internet, but I could not find answers for my immediate concerns. It was a difficult time because my family and friends thought I was crazy, which made me feel more alone.

Fortunate for me, my intuition worked well and I got the answers I needed to continue in the transformation. Many of those insights I share in this book. I would have loved to find a book like this. It would have helped me understand this is a long process, much sooner than I was willing to admit and it would have given me ideas how to handle the different situations that arose.

It is common that kundalini awakening symptoms appear suddenly, and people tend to think there is something physically wrong. Many people go to a doctor, who cannot find the cause and will tell them there is nothing wrong. I publish my book primarily for those going through kundalini awakening, to let you know you are not alone, the transformation is real and you are not going crazy! The opposite is the case; you are becoming wide-awake.

When my kundalini awakening started, I did not think there was something physically wrong. I knew what the cause was, because I had been working for years to increase my self-realization level. I was elated to have this happen, but also surprised at how intense and amazing the symptoms were. I strongly felt it had evolutionary importance, so I went to physicians and wrote to people in professional fields, offering them the opportunity to observe and record this amazing phenomenon. I think most did not believe me and thought I was crazy as nobody accepted my offer. I feel physicians soon will report these phenomena, and then this book will interest physicians, consciousness researchers and researchers of human evolution and morphological processes.

Part I, of this book discusses the current evolution of the human species and the acceleration of human metamorphosis occurring today, owing to the increased energetic vibration we are living in. Human evolution is synonymous with self-realization, a gradual and biological process, moving us toward a new species with a light body. Learning about kundalini transformation is important, because it is a question of our continued survival.

When the kundalini transformation was well under way, I had no doubt that I was changing into a new kind of human being. When we look at the human fossil record, there is ample evidence that human beings have been various species. I know it is difficult to accept that human metamorphosis is occurring now. In 2006, I made a new website for kundalini awakening where I blog and write articles about my journey. Since that time, more people contact me each year, reporting they are going through it. My experience is evidence that kundalini transformation is occurring and the experiences of many people that write me as well.

Part II, discusses the two aspects of the human being. One aspect is formed and physical and the other is unformed and spiritual. The first is the current physical structure of our evolutionary form as is reflected in most human beings today by the structure of personality. The second is the source energy behind that created structure, which I call the higher-self. Part II, discusses the current human being and what drives human evolution. I explain what the higher-self is and how the higher-self is the driving force behind this metamorphosis.

Part III of the book discusses the mechanics of human metamorphosis and the main stages of kundalini transformation. It has a chapter to define kundalini terms and has my conclusions about the kundalini transformation and common questions and answers about kundalini awakening. Part III, answers questions such as:

Are humans evolving to a new species right now?
What condition triggers evolution to a new species?
Is self-realization a biological process?
How does metamorphosis happen in a living form?
What triggers activation of DNA strands?
What are the stages of self-realization and kundalini transformation?

Part IV, is my kundalini testimonial, which is the core of the book and consists of a journal of daily notes, insights and dreams. When the kundalini awakening started, I took notes each day about what was occurring and what I did. This journal covers the period of November 1, 2005 to December 31, 2006, which is approximately the first year. After the full-blown kundalini awakening, I did a self-guided fulltime retreat for three years. I went into isolation, removed distractions and only did bare necessities such as cleaning and eating. During this time, I did around twelve-thousand hours of meditation, Reiki acupressure and stretching sessions. The intensity of the workouts grew so strong that I could let go of body control and my body moved spontaneously. Often there was extreme tension in the body, which became unbearable and I would have to do a session to get relief. In a few hours, the tension would return. Each day I prayed it would finish and wondered how much longer. I often thought this day was the hardest and then would face more difficulty the next day. If I would not have recorded this information, I would have little memory today of it. Each time I read these notes, it takes me back to how it was when I went through it. As of April 2012, I am in my seventh year of the kundalini transformation; I make great progress and feel it will finish soon.

Kundalini transformation is a private matter and I feel vulnerable sharing such detail with the world at large. However, I felt it was worth the risk to publish because increasing numbers of people are going through the transformation and little information is available. My heartfelt mission is to help people awaken and publishing this may help others.

The contents of this book are from my experience and are not copied from other sources, besides a few quotes. If I have written something similar to published material, then it is here because I came to the same conclusion. Having experienced kundalini transformation is my qualification for writing this book. I do not claim this information is factual or that I have all the answers about it. Kundalini transformation occurs to me, and I try my best to make sense of it. The conclusions I reach in this book are my ‘current theory’. I say theory because I cannot be sure it is valid. I do not seek validation for my theories. Validation is only interesting for the personality. I am beyond the validation game of personality and can easily drop my theories, when facts indicate they are no longer valid. Finally, my testimonial comes from observations colored by my history and interpretation, and therefore should not be considered factual.

I have not edited the journal material to incorporate my current understanding of the kundalini transformation or to cover my naiveté while I went through it. I felt it was more important to relay how it was when I went through it, thinking others going through the transformation might therefore relate more closely to the experience. Hindsight is great; I see many mistakes and false assumptions I made and I am sure that I am making similar mistakes today. The reality is we do not know something until we have experienced it. That is how it is living on the edge of the unfolding present moment. Rising awareness is about letting go and adapting to changing circumstances, which includes letting go of things we believe may be true. I believe when this process finishes I will have more certain answers. I still have many questions about kundalini transformation, seek answers and welcome new insights.

What is it like to be fully enlightened?
What benefits will the new light body have?
Can enlightened humans pass their genes to their children?
How many people is this happening to today?
Is there anyone currently alive that has completed this transformation?
How long does kundalini transformation take?
What happens at the end of the transformation?
What is the average age of full-blown kundalini transformation?
Is a species-wide human metamorphosis affecting all age groups?
Why is this happening to many women when they reach the age of menopause?
Are there striking differences in kundalini symptoms between men and women?

My experience is not going to be like someone else’s experience, it is colored by my personality, by my constitution, by my spiritual work, by my history and finally by my physical reality. I had a difficult time with the transformation because I have a congenital defect with malformed hip, shoulder, neck and skull bones. When I felt intense pain, it was from opening and moving bones that had been fused and crooked since birth. With that said, not everybody is going to have a difficult time with this physically. However, I do believe that no matter the personal background, each person going through the kundalini transformation will be challenged. It is difficult to let go of all our resistance and allow the fire of transformation energy to consume us. Physical difficulty is proportional to nature and number of physical defects. Mental and emotional difficulty is proportional to remaining cognitive and emotional issues that have not been addressed. Always, the more we resist transformation, the more difficult and drawn out it is.

Chapter 1: The Overview

To Survive We Must Learn To Spontaneously Adapt

We have not reached our full potential as human beings, unless we can respond with full presence and spontaneity to our world as it unfolds. It is paramount that we learn how to do this, because if we do not our survival as a species is threatened. It is our habit of not being willing to change that contributes greatly to pain, disease, suffering and increased destruction in the world today. The ability to adapt to changing conditions is the evolutionary process that has been going on slowly in human beings over eons. These changes are evident in our archeological history, as changes in our brain and in the size and shape of all bones of the skull. It is theorized that the majority of human beings use a small percent of their brain potential. What is different today is that we are gaining extraordinary knowledge about how to increase our brain capacity, from the scientific side through studies of brain plasticity and biofeedback, and on the spiritual side, from people who have practiced meditation and worked with alternative therapies. Scientists and spiritualists are making amazing discoveries today about how we can increase our potential.

Human Beings Are Created In The Image Of The Creator

A long-standing spiritual wisdom expressed by visionaries throughout the ages is that human beings are created in the image of The Creator. Over the ages, enlightened people have promised that if we lead a spiritual life and follow certain guidelines, then we will receive amazing powers and be full of love and joy. Many people today claim to be enlightened but do they have Godly powers? It seems we get mostly what we expect and because the majority widely agrees about our limited potential, then what we get for living a contemplative life seems mediocre at best.

There is truth to what the visionaries have said that human beings were created in the image of The Creator. The first thing human beings have, is the unique ability to process thought and make decisions, and to put our energy into the decision we made via action. We can focus our intention and manifest what we want to create. Human beings are creators. The second thing is we have a huge energy potential on reserve inside. We have sufficient energy to heal ourselves of any physical defect, disease or problem. We have sufficient energy to change our existing structure of personality in the mind to a different one. We can release this power to transform and heal ourselves by learning how to do it. It is sad to know we have this huge abundance of energy inside that could heal and transform us, and then to see many sick and dying people that do not know how to access our abundant energy reserve.

When we cut our finger, the wound closes, the skin grows back, and the finger heals. In a little time there is no evidence we cut our finger. An obese person can undergo a strenuous exercise regimen and remain on a healthy diet, and change their appearance from obese back to a slim and muscular person. During this healing process, all the tissues of the body are changed. Intuitively we know our living body is a dynamic and changing system and our body will try to maintain a homeostasis because this is beneficial for our survival. Given we know this, the next question might be, if the body tries to maintain a homeostasis and there is sufficient energy available, then why are many people sick, have diseases, are unhappy or are dying? The answer is that it has to do with how we use and direct our energy, what we focus on grows stronger.

The Game Of Personality

Many people are unknowingly using their life-force energy to animate their personality primarily to get validation for their self-image. That concisely is the game of personality and this old habit uses most of our time and energy. Human beings are creating things all over the world, but mostly we create things with the motivation to gain something for ourselves. Because our eyes are focused on the visible aspects, our time and energy is used for materialistic creation and concerns of survival. Rarely is energy given with no idea to gain something for ourselves. It is mostly a dog-eat-dog world where most people are secretly trying to survive and outlast the other, to win and feel security from what they can gain. This prevailing materialistic attitude is the main reason there are wars, hatred, violence and much despair and sickness in the world.

By playing this game, we are combative with others and the world’s resources are something to be owned, used or destroyed. When we are trapped in this survival game, we rarely feel compassion for other beings, because we cannot see beyond our own blinders. What we are essentially doing is striving to maintain a self-image that is a made up fiction. The self-image is not a real entity, but while we keep focused on our materialistic attributes of thinking and feeling, it seems real and we will remain in the mode to defend our self-image with all our means. We are living in a dream world we are weaving and are using all our energy to build and maintain our ghostly self-image. If we were not using our energy this way we would have abundant resources for self-healing, transformation of self and others and the world would be a much more loving, healthier and happier place. We would have peace on Earth.

Healing Happens When We Sleep

Most of us get a mini-healing each night when we fall asleep. Sleep starts at exactly the moment when thinking subsides. When we lay down to rest, this automatically raises our energetic vibration. When the energetic vibration gets strong enough, our internal healer stops the thinking and simultaneously, we fall asleep. During sleep, our internal healer goes to work to clean the damages sustained during the day and works on things in the brain that needs attention to maintain our health.

After reaching maturity, if we are not aware of the game of personality then we will continue to divert all our energy to our personality and it will get more complicated and developed. As the personality gets larger, there are negative side effects, there is less energy to repair the body and our awareness level reduces. Over time, the growing personality becomes a heavy weight. As the personality gets bigger, it causes more damage each day to the system, and consequently more time is needed each night in the quiet mind state to repair the day’s damages. All of us will eventually reach the point when we age or get sick because the nighttime sleep cannot restore us to a healthy balance.

Now here is the secret. To stop the building of the personality to larger proportions, we need to learn how to divert from using our energy that way. What we focus on, increases. If we learn to divert energy from animation of our personality, the side effect is energy stored in the personality releases. The personality dissolves and there is reduced influence of this structure on our life. The released energy is in the free and unformed energy pool of our body and can be used for healing and transformation to our light body.

To heal and transform, each day we need to practice letting go of our old habit to chatter with our mind, which is the cause of animation of the personality. By doing this we will effectively get more time in the sleeping state, where healing automatically happens. This is difficult because we do not want to give up our precious time for something where it feels as if we are not doing anything and are losing control. When we divert energy from the old habit of animating the personality, we immediately feel a loss. It is difficult to allow the mind to settle and the first time we try it, it feels as if we are dying. Nothing could be further from the truth. Living our life as the personality is like living as a zombie, and when we are successful to let it go, we feel vibrantly alive with intense presence and feel full of joy.

Evolutionary Advantage Of Being Human

What distinguishes us from our ape ancestors and other animals is our advanced brain. With the complexity and current structure of our brain, it allows us to process stimuli picked up with our sensory apparatus by using reflected consciousness. As we live our life, events trigger memories of experiences and provoke thoughts and feelings, similar to what has gone before. This was an evolutionary advantage because it allowed us to compare past experiences to current ones and allowed more choices to respond to situations. We have an advanced capability to self-reflect, partly owing to mirror neurons in our brain, of which complexity is missing in other species.

As things go, the existing model can always be improved and human beings are now facing that reality. When something has been in a specific shape for a long period, then it happens that the structure eventually becomes a burden. Static rigid forms are something that never last in nature. We know that a bridge has a solid shape and will not last forever. Wind, rain and the elements of nature slowly cause erosion and eventually the bridge will collapse. The world we can observe is flowing, changing and dynamic in nature. It can be argued that human beings die, because they have not yet learned how to be dynamic. It can be argued that the destruction we see around us with global warming, deforestation, pollution, loss of animal, insect and plant populations, is partly the result of human activity and decisions.

Cataclysmic Change

The reality is the old world is breaking down and simultaneously a new world is arising. This has to do with the law of energy conservation, that when one thing is destroyed it is changing shape to another form. Nothing is ever lost, the reality is transformation and that includes us. Even when we die, we do not lose ourselves, we only change shape. When our bodies can no longer support life, we leave it with the convulsions of the body in the death process.

Huge forces of energy are released with a cataclysmic change of shape, such as when a bridge collapses, a person dies or when a volcano blows its top. The Earth will eventually experience a cataclysmic change because the growing force of the sun is increasing over time. Being bathed in the energy of the cosmos and owing to the principle of entrainment, when one object we are in contact with vibrates faster, we also vibrate faster. As the vibration of objects increases, it creates stress to static structures and causes them to develop fissures and cracks subsequently causing them to break down.

There is a limit to how long a structure can thrive in the same energetic vibration range. Eventually the living form can no longer thrive in the increased vibration, which puts stress on the old form to evolve to the next level. This has been the Earth’s history over millions of years, as we see evolution through our archeological record. As the sun is getting hotter over time, the vibration of all objects it shines upon always increases. There will always be a level reached which forces a transformation of the entire biomass of the planet. This has happened many times in the past, and explains the growing life cycles on Earth. We are not aware of this, because the cycle is longer than our recorded history.

Another way to see this is to look at one Earth cycle. Suppose there is a cataclysmic change with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and floods, and most life is destroyed on the planet. What are left afterward are organisms that can survive the onslaught, and from that DNA gene pool, the next round of species is grown. The planet is full of raw materials, as most was destroyed and pulverized in the last eruption. All life upon the Earth starts growing again and new species arise.

Now zoom into our current cycle on Earth. We can look back and see when the last cataclysmic change happened, when the dinosaurs mysteriously disappeared, and know this is how long this cycle has been going on. From that moment to now, has been the history of humanity. We can imagine that the entire Earth’s abundance of raw materials released in the last cataclysmic cycle has been slowly transferred to the growing human population. To grow our population we need energy, and the Earth and Sun have been our sources. As the population increases, it puts more stress on the environment and all other living systems, as we need more energy to sustain the existing population. An infinitely growing population is unsustainable, and eventually we will reach a threshold where a cataclysmic change will happen to move our evolution forward and find a new balance. The same scenario occurred with the dinosaurs and we will face that precipice again.

As population increases and resources deplete, it increases stress as well the stress induced by humanities increasing large egos themselves. Many people want more but there are limits to everything. As the biomass of the planet is transferred to the growing mass of humanity, eventually a breaking point will be reached and transformation will be eminent. As disease, violence and stress increase and as resources decrease, it causes even more stress on people. The increased stress is a sign of fracturing of the old structure. As stress increases, it becomes increasingly painful to remain the same, and this motivates people to drop identification with the old form of human being and push them to the next species.

Our growing population creates stress in many places at once as we change and affect the landscape. By burning fossil fuels, over fishing, driving out native plants and animals, over developing, pollution and waste of resources, we contribute to planetary imbalance and increase the stress as a whole. Planetary stress moves us closer to cataclysmic change. Today, it is known that global warming is happening. Humans contribute to global warming by burning fossil fuels, but I believe the main reason the planet heats up is due to the current Earth cycle and increased energy from the sun. As the earth heats, the core gets hotter and this creates pressure. The pressure can only be contained for so long before it will find a way to release. From our past, we know that pressure releases in the form of volcanoes, earthquakes and tidal changes. After pressure is released, the Earth will cool again. What time this cataclysmic change will happen is unknown, but it does seem to be on the horizon of the next few hundred years. I suspect that surviving this violent upheaval will be humanities next global challenge. By accepting we are currently within a human metamorphosis period, we can survive this cataclysmic change by transforming our old structure to the new one. After we have metamorphosed into the new human form, we will be able to adapt quickly to the changed conditions and have increased ability to survive.

Our Love Affair With Personality Prevents Adaptation

The main thing that prevents us from adapting to changing conditions is our habit of responding to life in conditioned ways. We do this by responding to life with our mental ability, which we cannot help do because it is how our brains are structured. This results in our behaving as repetitious beings even if this behavior is not beneficial to our survival and well-being. It usually takes extreme pain or discomfort before we are willing to change our behavior. The disruptive forces occurring now on Earth can be seen as positive, because they motivate us to change.

What prevents us from adapting to changing conditions is due to our identification with our personality. The personality is a collection of memories of experiences, including our beliefs about the world and our knowledge. Our personality is the ‘main asset’ we do not want to lose because it gives us a false sense of being alive. To keep this illusion going, we focus our attention inwardly and react with thinking and emotion, recalling memories and processing what has already gone by and is past. Then it is normal we make our decision about how to respond to life, from our reactive thinking. We often repeat, responding as we did before to something we feel is similar. This ‘old habit’ is why we respond in predictable ways and cannot respond in new ways to life, which is continually unfolding as new expressions.

Personality exists owing to the current structure of our brain and is a stepping-stone to reach further steps in evolution. The personality allows us to self-reflect, and once we become aware of our true nature by using that ability then it has served its purpose. After spiritual awakening, the next step is to dissolve this structure thereby changing our brain to a new structure, which allows spontaneous response. Dissolving this structure happens gradually, each time we divert energy from the activity of mind-chatter.

Arising Of A New Species

Many of us have worked with self-realization for years. We are taking steps to change our conditioned behavior, by meditating and doing transpersonal work. As more of us do this, the collective worldwide self-realization level rises. When we stop responding like programmed robots and respond creatively to life, it causes changes to appear in the world. The more our self-realization level grows the less harmful and more loving these expressions are which reduces the stress of the world. This creative self-expression will then affect people all over the Earth through chain reactions. When one person changes in a new way, the world changes with them because we are connected. The more people that make a positive change, the more the world changes in a positive direction.

Each day more of us respond in loving ways to situations that need help, versus the old way of us only acting for the purpose to gain something for ourselves. Each day more of us are awakening to the reality of living in the present moment. We are looking often to the outside, seeing what is really around, and responding to what is needed for the good of the whole. The good news is that the more of us who do this, it will put pressure on people who are not changing and by our example give them motivation to change. Therefore, we see that as the old structure is breaking down, a new one is arising simultaneously. This follows the laws of energy conservation, nothing is ever lost and nothing is ever gained, rather it is all transformation. Our current evolutionary challenge is to learn how to live as one with the cosmic transformational energy and learn how to ‘go with the flow’. When successful we will live in a new Earth as free, peaceful, loving, alive, energetic and flowing spiritual beings.

I know it is difficult to believe that we are developing into a new species right now. We see in our archeological record that animals and human beings are evolving into different species over time. This metamorphosis of the human species is evident by rising awareness occurring in many people. Many of us that are awakened still do not know that self-realization manifests and is reflected as a change in the physical form, thus it is partly a metamorphosis or biological process. Einstein’s famous equation of E = MC² (Energy = Mass times the speed of light squared), tells us that every solid form is a vibrating mass of energy and all solid forms are composed of energy. Energy and mass are interchangeable. We are forms as well and a change in our consciousness is reflected on both sides of the equation.

Evolution And Kundalini Transformation

I feel we have been evolving into a new species over many eons and the instructions for this new human species have always been present in our DNA. I see that all life forms on Earth have the same instructions in their DNA, and thus all lower life forms are evolving to become like human beings.

To survive and thrive, human beings need to learn to adapt to a world that is more quickly changing. As the sun ages its output of energy and vibration increases, which affects all living systems within its range, causing them to vibrate faster as well. The more our internal vibration accelerates the more stress this puts on our existing form, and provokes the necessity for us to change our form to adapt to the new external vibration.

The sense of this evolution of human beings is we are developing into a new species that can respond and react to the events around us, away from duality or reflected response to one of unity or direct response in body. This is an evolutionary advantage because we can quickly adapt to the changing conditions around us as the vibratory field we exist in continues to accelerate. The alternative is for our form to be destroyed in the cataclysmic change, and start over which can take many eons to reach the level of our current physical form.

There is an acceleration of human metamorphosis today evidenced by numerous things such as planetary stress, increased neurological symptoms, disease and larger numbers of people spiritually awakening. People who have done spiritual work over the years (past lives count) can detect the difference between quiet and noisy mind, and work with this metamorphosis. The changes occurring in the body are preparing for the ability to move the body and react to stimuli without needing thought.What many people are encountering is uncharted territory, and history supports the notion that this has never happened.

Spontaneous body movement is not like the voluntary movement of the body that we are used to doing. To have awareness with all our attention in the ‘present moment’, it needs a quiet mind, and to do that we must have the same capability in the body. As the nervous system changes gradually in quiet mind states, the body changes with it. The kundalini transformation is creating a new light body that can respond without the need for 'reflected thought'. To move voluntarily, we think and make a decision, and then the muscles get the signal and the body moves. All of this takes precious time. To move spontaneously we move without thinking about it.

Another reason for the metamorphosis is understood sometime after we recognize our true nature as intelligent energy. We see we have a God-like nature and understand that we have created ourselves and our ultimate destiny is to be a creator. You learn how to become a creator by going through physical transformation of recreating yourself. Once you have learned how to do that, then you can change your form again when you feel it is necessary to do so. This ability itself is the prime one that allows us to adapt to increased vibration and live in a ‘different world’. We are not currently aware about this world, as it is not physical like the one we know today and exists in another dimension. The ability to transform ourselves is ultimately about moving to another plane of existence that protects us from being destroyed from these physical cycles.

The Second Awakening

There have been several enlightened people in the last thousand years and major religions have been established around these rare people today. I see this as the first mass awakening of humanity and there were only a handful of people. It seems every culture has one person resulting in the major religions of today. Many religions have a common belief these enlightened souls will come back to Earth at an ‘end time’ to save the rest of us or bring us to enlightenment. How I understand it, is these people were like forerunners leaving us with information on how we could achieve what they did. Their teachings are the doctrine of the major religions. Humanity has had the essential information needed to awaken for thousands of years. Many people over all these years have listened and led contemplative lives, and thus we get the result today that many people are awakening.

I think we are now in a second mass awakening of humanity, where many people will become enlightened like those few from our past. I think the second awakening is about becoming enlightened ourselves; it is not about people returning to save us! This time, there will not be a few sages scattered in far reaches that alone possess the information we need for enlightenment. The information from previous enlightened masters has been around for a long time and anyone seeking information to become enlightened can easily obtain it.

To be clear, the old paradigm of being believers or following religions, gurus, sages, masters or enlightened ones that worked in the past, is not what it is about today. We have all the information we need to become enlightened, our task now is to become it. The time to start is now, because we do not know when the full-blown cataclysmic change will trigger. What we each need to do is have the desire to change and then start asking the questions. Then we can change our programming and renew ourselves. When we ask essential questions about our true nature, we will receive the answers we seek. Please do not be led astray and miss the awakening that is happening now.



Chapter 2: The Personality

This topic is difficult to explain because of our tendency to identify with our personality. My mentor BeiYin has spent his lifetime writing about this topic, and I feel his words are a great way to open this topic. Below I have included his colorful description defining the personality and his answer that tells you how to go beyond it.

“'Personality' is an illusion, created as part of the human condition and nature in its momentary state of evolution. Personality is like moving pictures projected to a screen. What you see seems real; people are talking, fighting, suffering, enjoying, etc. However, these are only lights and shadows on a flat and empty surface, although you see it in three dimensions and feel it is real. It is only an illusion of reality. You can go into it, engage yourself and try to change something about the pictures you see. On the other hand, your personality is changed through dramatic and traumatic influences, turning you upside down. Whatever you do and whatever happens to you, you are still caught in your illusion picture world, so keeping and holding your 'personality' intact. Of course, this is your most precious possession, because you do not know anything else and as you are bound and limited to it, you will defend it with all means. 'Personality' gives you the feeling of existence.”

Human Tendency Is To Stay The Same

The structure of personality tends to stay in place and heavily influence our lives for several reasons. We mostly respond to life events habitually. This is known as conditioned response, and we do it because it is easy and the outcome is predictable. We are pain avoidant, and whenever we have to undergo a transformational change of body, mind, emotions or habits, it hurts to do so, and this we do not want. Lastly, getting validation for our self-image (how we perceive ourselves) is a large factor in our staying identified with our personality and not moving beyond this evolutionary form.

1. Conditioning

The main way we move our energy through our physical aspect is in a conditioned way, which we previously learned through thought, feeling and action. Rarely do we question that there might be another possibility, and thus we are mostly acting like programmed robots. Conditioned behavior partly results from our duality organization of our body and brain and our tendency to avoid change, which is painful. The other reason is a lack of information about our personality and higher-self, which we do not have because we have not asked about it. There is much information available, but first we must ask the question to receive the answer. The longer we stay the same, the harder it becomes to change ourselves because of our increased rigidity, reduced vibration and low awareness level and the quicker we age and decline.

2. Pain Avoidance

We are pain avoidant and understandably so. The survival strategies of the personality developed in our earliest years were done to help ourselves survive and protect us from pain. These were useful strategies then, but eventually this protection mechanism will cause more harm than good. We have difficulty to break our habit of pain avoidance, because the habit is so deeply ingrained and such a familiar part of ourselves.

A child will hurt their leg and limp to protect the leg so they will not feel more pain. The limping behavior can go on long after the leg has healed. The limping can become a habit, and delay and prevent healing of the leg. As the leg heals, pain will be felt due to the tissues repairing, which can reinforce the limping behavior. When we mentally and physically try to protect an injured area with the intent to avoid pain, what we are doing is not allowing energy to enter that area. Energy needs to get into this area to heal it. When tissues heal, transformational pain will be felt. For more information about transformational pain, see Chapter 4. Eventually the leg is healed, but it may not have been restored to the prior vitality and balance if the child limped. Energy will find a path to get to the leg to heal and maintain it, but it will not be the ideal path. When young, the leg is in a growing process and can become deformed, shortened or out of alignment with the hip socket, which in turn will affect the feet, ankles, knees, spine, shoulders and skull alignment.

The child can still fear hurting the leg and the limping can continue subtly long after the leg has healed. A simple protection strategy like this can stay in place after an injury well into the adult years, and can remain for a lifetime. This proactive stance is then an unconscious habit and is blocking energy flow to that area. Later on, problems will happen in that area or in related areas, because energy was not allowed to penetrate and heal the area. Much later in life, problems will develop along a line in the body related to the old injury site.

Another experience many of us have is a traumatic experience of being harmed by another human, usually related to the first sexual encounters. This often causes us to create an invisible armor protecting the chest, buttocks or genital areas, depending on where the damage was experienced as most painful. These experiences are harmful because large areas of the body can be walled off, and are typically close to the spine, resulting in reduced flows of energy along the spine. This type of energy block often has a huge emotional component as well, so the defense system in the body often has trapped emotional energy related to the site of injury.

With traumatic events such as rape, beatings, or severe injury, there is a large energetic impact of being hit or hurt by the other object as well a strong emotional component. That area of the body is mentally walled off to suppress the memory so the person does not have to recall the horror of that experience. This kind of protection serves well in the initial stages after an event like this, to keep our sanity, heal and return to normal. However, rarely do we ever drop this defense because the memory is suppressed and eventually it becomes very problematic, resulting in mental or emotional dysfunction. We can understand that defense systems are in place to protect us from pain. Transformational pain is a symptom of the healing process and to heal we need to accept the pain, which is counterintuitive.

When an old emotion is recalled, we can bawl like a baby for days on end. This hurts like hell, but it is healing as old pent-up emotion is released through crying. When we cut our finger, our nervous system detects it has happened, and we quickly withdraw our finger away from the knife. We see the blood and know we are cut, and then we feel the pain. This pain is not from the cut, that we did not feel, the nervous system reaction was automatic. The pain we feel is from an intense energy localizing by the cut, to repair the tissues, the pain we feel is the heat and fire of the transformation. This experience does not have to be experienced as painful, once we understand what is going on. We can detach and observe the feeling occurring in our finger, and we will not have the experience of pain. Instead, we will observe the sensation of tissues repairing and of an energetic vibration working strongly in the area.

If we have severely injured a limb, and it has been in a cast and has taken a long time to heal, then it will take even more energy and pain to restore it to the flexibility it once had. As the limb is healing, adhesions and scar tissue develop and the muscle fibers become weak from nonuse. The first time we stretch the limb it hurts like hell. This is transformational pain, it results from intense energy going into the tissues and starting to remove the energy blocks and open and heal the limb. It takes much energy to open a broken ankle or hipbone, the pain is proportional to what is needed to heal it.

If our desire is strong enough, we will rehabilitate the leg and be willing to go through the transformational pain required to get what we want. After we begin this healing process, we may see the truth that we can get through this kind of pain and not experience it as painful. We look deeper and understand this pain comes from our mental resistance to accept the healing energy and to become one with it. When we resist the healing process, it is more painful and prolonged. Resistance takes energy. The less we resist the faster we heal. The more transformational pain we are willing to endure, the more we heal.

These words can be misunderstood. I am NOT saying that pain should be sought, nor self-inflicted, or that pain has to be our experience. With advanced stages of self-realization, you can go beyond having the experience of pain as tissues are mending and transforming.

3. Validation Of Personality

Validation is probably the most important reason that the structure of personality is so persistent and difficult to go beyond. We have two main ways to get validation for our self-image. Self-image refers to how we perceive ourselves, how we perceive people and how the outside world perceives us. We have an image we hold in our mind about who we are and how we behave; it is the essence of what is meant by ‘me’.

This topic is difficult to discuss because I know many will not understand what I am saying. If what is written is misunderstood, it is because we are still under the influence of perceiving the world through the validation structure of the personality, which primarily happens in the mind. This message is difficult to get through, because the mind filters out what the self does not want to know. To understand it clearly, would be the beginning of the end of the illusion currently operating.

The illusion in operation is that we believe who we are is the mind-voice and the emotional energetic charge generated from the internal story we are constantly weaving with our mind-chatter. Mind-chatter is a constant dialogue we make with our thoughts, about everything that is occurring to us. We chatter and give opinions about everything that occurs all day. We know no other world than this. We have no idea what is meant by clear sight or seeing reality, because we are essentially living internally in our mind and think we see. This state has been described by mystics as blind, asleep, clouded by a veil, in the dark, or not awake. Unfortunately, reading about it does not open the eyes, but I will try again to make it clear.

This illusion and the belief that we are the mind-voice gets constantly reinforced in the outside world by us deliberating provoking the outside world, to give us the reason to react back with strong emotional energy. We are constantly looking for reasons to react so we can build a strong energetic emotional charge, so we can feel ourselves as strong energy. The stronger the energy we can build up, the more alive we feel. Our main motivation for doing this is it serves as a kind of entertainment and it makes us feel alive, even if the energy we generate is not pleasant. That is the game played by the personality, and as personalities are getting bigger today, there is more energy to put behind our response and thus the game is increasingly harmful to everyone and everything. If we take an honest look, we cannot deny that there is an escalation of violence, chaos, destruction, destitution and harm increasing all over the world today. The longer we stay immersed in this illusion and game, and if enough people do not go beyond it, it is sure to get worse as time goes by.

The stronger we react to something that happens, the more alive we feel, and the more it reinforces the belief that the entity we are operating through is in fact real. Personalities love drama and seek it. Drama is the fuel that keeps the reactive cycle going. We need to get validation for our self-image, which we do by creating drama. That is the way that that this illusion continues. The illusion will stop, when we see through the illusion, and realize that we are ‘pretending'. Then we can learn to divert energy from the old way of responding, whenever we observe we are starting to stir up trouble. We stir up trouble, by pushing the button of another or by creating a drama situation.

We each have a positive and negative reaction pattern that we use to respond to events in our life to get validation for our self-image and keep the illusion going. Both of these responses happen constantly and automatically in varying degrees of intensity. Before we know about our programmed aspects, we have no idea we are responding in an autopilot way to many of life’s events.

The positive response is about getting validation for our self-image and the negative response happens when we do not get validation for our self-image. When we are operating entirely under the influence of the personality, then our actions are mostly driven by the need to reinforce an existing attribute or to get a new attribute as a property that helps reinforce our idea of self. Personalities are never satisfied with what they own, they always need more of whatever substance is valuable to them, this fact keeps us always focused on the better days ahead. It is a rare person who gives something without wanting something in return. As most people do not even know they are in the illusion, then they are not aware of their hidden agenda. We think we are generous, but we are not aware that we are greedy. We are blind to our motives, while operating under the blinder of the personality.

We are happy if we get what we want, and stay happy and always are asking for validation of what we believe we are. The more you give people validation the happier you keep them and the more stuck you keep them in their illusion. If you want to help people, tell them how they are, but that is dangerous to do. When we do not get what we want from the outside world, either in material or from other’s approval, then our pain response comes. Each individual has their own type of pain response, and some of them are violent. If there is a strong response, either positive or negative, it is normal that we will act to reinforce our concepts and belief system by getting more attributes. For instance, if we no longer can get confirmation, we can fall into a depression and think about what else we might need to do. We dream up another concept to try in the outside world, thinking we are changing ourselves by doing something different. However, what we are doing is adding on another layer of programming and making the illusion that much stronger. This is how it goes and sadly, some people continue like this their entire life and never see beyond the veil blinding them. Okay, this is probably more than you want to know, so I will move on to the next topic. I hope that I have not lost your attention here. This topic can be difficult to read, because it does not give validation like ‘the personality’ is seeking, and we can get a strong reaction when reading it. If this is the first time, you have encountered this topic, it can feel unknown and scary, and you might even get the feeling to close or burn this book, to get away from it as fast as possible. If you are feeling this, take a deep breath, relax and go on to the next topic.

twin Flame Session Healng Spiritual Teracher

Chapter 3: The Higher-Self

Seeker: “I’ve been looking for my true self but I can’t find it, can you tell

me where it is?” 
Master: “That which you are seeking is the part of you looking for it.”

The Basic Question: Who Am I?

Spiritual masters over the ages have stated that the most important question we can ask is, “Who Am I?” I agree this is the most important question because our unseen aspect of self is revealed by using our ability to reflect about ourselves. Most people do not use their mind to query themselves, rather they mainly use it to query objects in the outer world.

This is understandable, as when we were first born, that is how we learned about the world, through our capability to self-reflect with mirror neurons in the brain. Since we were born, we identified with the reflection that comes back to us from the outside. We learned to get our identification from the reaction of the other in the outside world to what we did. From that, we inherently assume that we are the formed and visible part of ourselves, as this is what we can see. However, this visible aspect of ourselves, that we see is a reflection in the mind, it is not physical. It seems physical due to how the mirror neurons work, and how we process external images internally with our mind. In short, we are identified with our reflection.

Because of this identification, we get our satisfaction from things we can obtain from the outside world for our reflection, which includes properties and validation for our self-image. It is a normal human activity to attain many properties for the self-image. While we are identified with the physical world, we always have a goal to get something believing it will make us feel complete and happy when we get it. However, we are never happy with what we attain, and set the next goal to get the next thing we desire. The quest for material assets for our self-image will go on until the material assets no long make us happy.

Near the same time the material acquisition game is worn out, we will feel a large hole inside, a dullness of living is prevalent, and signs something is seriously wrong may manifest. There can be disease, mental illness, addiction to substances, divorce, loss of job, thoughts of suicide, intense desire to find our soul mate and many things like this.

At first the difficulties that plague us, are blamed on the world and we feel like a victim. The world, the cancer, the drugs, or people cause our problems. We can put up a valiant fight against the outside, to try to prove our problem has an external cause. Eventually, we will lose this fight because the cause is not external. The cause of our problems is due to focusing our attention in our ability to reflect and thereby animate the personality. When we focus our energy in the mind to animate the personality, we lose energy, which could be used to attain higher levels of self-realization and to heal. The longer we play this game and avoid taking responsibly for our problem, the sicker and more depleted we become. When we stop blaming others for our problems, then we are ready to take responsibility for and ask, "What part am I playing in this?" We are empty inside and we have no idea how to fill this void. Now we are open to try something different. When there is enough pain and difficulty in life, it is exactly the moment we ask, “Who Am I” or “What is God”. When we ask these questions, it is an important turning point in our life. We no longer solely use our mind to validate our self-image through the outside world; we now use our ability of mind to query the source.


At the point we turn our focus away from the world of created objects and turn it toward our source, we gain self-knowledge. Self-knowledge can easily be misunderstood. Self-knowledge is not about textbook learning, and memorization of rote terms, and regurgitating information that has been read off pages. Self-knowledge is learning firsthand about how we physically work and when we gain that knowledge, we can sort the fake from the real and locate the higher-self that is hidden within. The true nature of higher-self is rarely revealed right away; it takes time for our ‘light’ to be revealed. This is because there are many layers of materialistic forms laid on top of the higher-self that hide our core. To reveal the higher-self, we must unpeel the layers covering it up. These layers exist as conditioned patterns of behaving, and are difficult to uncover because they feel part of ourselves so that we cannot easily see them.

At this point, we no longer desire material things, we declare a new goal to become spiritual and connect with The Creator. We are interested in healing and becoming a better person. The spiritual path has begun and we will read books, join groups, go to therapy, and do daily spiritual practice and healing regimes. At this point, we still desire to attain properties for our self-image; we have merely substituted a materialistic goal with a spiritual goal. We are doing this because we have not changed enough to act different, we still favor processing of information through our mind’s eye. Going after a spiritual goal is a materialistic pursuit. However, there is no other place to start from except this point, as this is our current capability.

Now that our focus is turned inward for self-discovery, we will observe and learn about ourselves, gaining self-knowledge from those observations. By meditating regularly, we get skillful at observing our thoughts and response to events and learn more. Once we are skilled at querying the reaction people have to our expression, then we can determine the cause of our reaction. A good question is, “Why did that person respond that way to me”? It can be insightful to ask friends and family to tell us about our good and bad characteristics. Continuing with questions like this and observing our reactions to life events, we get insights about how our personality operates. We notice that we respond in autopilot ways, we see how we rarely reflect before responding, we see the world differently. With each new insight, we have directly received self-knowledge that we never would have understood from reading in a book.

Each insight changes our perspective and we review all information we hold true. It is normal that we drop limiting beliefs we had about the world, societies, governments, religions and many other things. Dropping beliefs itself, can open an entirely new worldview. After a large insight, our spirit soars. After we experience our spirit soaring, we feel lighter and joyous and have a reason to go on living and it motivates us to continue self-realization.

After this event, some people will believe they are enlightened. Then they will attach to that accomplishment as a materialistic gain, which stalls their enlightenment process. It does not matter if this happens; eventually the growing weight of the personality will become unbearable and will motivate us to return to our source. If we understand this, we can take a shortcut and not quit before the transformation has finished. It is very easy to fool ourselves into believing we are enlightened while we are still identified with our self-image. Do not be fooled, by the great pretender!

To gain self-knowledge we are going to have to ask some difficult questions where we will not want to hear the answer. It is not easy to get to the truth about our personality and to give up old habits. It is difficult when we see how we have been hurting others and causing pain with our unconscious responses. It is difficult to see how we have been hurting ourselves. It hurts to heal on all levels, mental, emotional and physical. It hurts to discover that everything we thought we were turns out to be a big empty lie. It takes strong desire to get to the truth of the matter, but persistence pays off in the end. Once we start asking questions such as these, the answer will always come. We can trust in that, that we are supported in this effort, because the most important thing for us to attain in our life is enlightenment.

Transforming The Personality & Free Will

One of the most important tools we have is our ability to decide and move ourselves in the world, with our attention set on the focus of the decision. In this way, we manifest what we focus on. Activated personality happens due to our habit of focusing in thinking and responding to life events from the story, we are weaving there. When we are as the personality, then our motivation is purely materialistic and everything we do has the motive to build our self-image. When we focus in reactive mind, all our conscious capability and energy is used to keep the pretending game going.

Once we realize there is another aspect of our being, then we have the choice to divert energy from the old habit of animating the personality and set our focus to another point. This point is away from use of mind to simple gazing, which is the meditative state. The more we do that, the more we grow spiritually. We manifest what we focus on. There is a counter-part to this truth, and that is what we do not focus on will decrease. Each time we divert energy from animating the personality, personality will diminish in influence and higher-self will increase in influence. This happens slowly over time, but if we keep at it, we will continue to change. In our growing process of diminishing personality and increasing higher-self, insights will continue to be received and each will give us more self-knowledge and move us to the next level.

Surrendering To Higher-Self

Surrender as used in this context means to practice diverting our energy from the old habit of activation of our personality, which primarily is driven by the phenomena of mind-chatter. Surrender practice is normally done using meditation techniques to quiet the mind-voice, by setting our focus on an object of attention that does not require use of our mind. Meditation at first feels strange and is hard, because there is nothing to do or think about. We are so used to constantly chattering, that it is difficult to stop it. It is difficult to do nothing except sit for an hour; we want to rise and do something material. To meditate we put our focus on an object that does not need the help of our thinking, such as observing your breathing that happens automatically. This is all the information you need to do meditation. The mind-doer of course wants to make it into something, so even simple meditation instructions will be embellished by the mediator still identified with the personality. Anyway, all mediators and those new on the spiritual path, can know they are not alone. We all start here. With diligence and continued patience, we will achieve seconds of quiet mind, and over time, these spaces will get longer. It only needs a few seconds for a profound change to be made in your mind, every second counts here! Each change to our mind makes us stronger.

I had the question for over a year, “What does it mean to surrender?”, and finally I found out, you do it every night right in the moment when you fall to sleep. When you divert energy from mind-chatter then ‘lower-self’ falls asleep. When your lower-self falls asleep, your higher-self arises and goes to work changing and healing your body.

Higher-self is the same as our internal healer. The body is a reflection of the brain organization. To change something in the body or to heal it, a change must first be done on the energetic level, which happens in the brain. If we are using our brain to think and emote, then higher-self cannot arise, because we are busy using our attention in another way. A change can only be made to the mind when we are not using it! In truth, there is only one real self, it is the higher-self and the other one is fake.

The statements such as “you can observe your thinking”, or “I can multitask”, is not true if you are using your mind. It has recently been shown by scientists that the mind cannot multitask. We only have the ability to set focus on one thing at a time. Many teachings that discuss meditation say, "You observe your thinking." or "You see your thoughts like clouds in the sky”. It is not possible to observe our thinking real time. If we are thinking then we are not aware. It is one state or the other. When we are immersed in thinking, we are essentially blinded. What is true is we can REMEMBER that we were thinking, or realize we were lost in thought, and this happens by reflected thought. The higher our self-realization, the easier we can detect when thinking starts and have more control to stop it. When we recognize we were lost, we shake out of it and reset our focus to gazing on the object of our meditation. In meditation, we do no more than this simple gazing. Any use of mind, takes us out of the meditative state. Meditation techniques, which use visualization techniques or constant mantra repetition the entire session, do not allow the practitioner to reach deeper states of meditation because the mind never settles.

Kundalini transformation and all healing happen when there is a rise in energetic vibration. A rise in energy often creates a better opportunity for higher-self to take over; because it shakes us out of the conditioned energetic loop, we are stuck in with the activity of engaging with our reflection. The rise in energy shakes us out of our mesmerized state of daydreaming. Surrender practice, inherently has the side effect to raise our energetic vibration, so is another good reason to do it.

What Is The Higher-Self

This is a question where the answer cannot be understood by the mind and by a person identified with their mind. The answer to this question is hinted at all over this book and if you are ready to hear this answer, you will receive it. However, the true answer to this question WILL NOT come from the words, as the answer is never found in a formed object. However, it is possible that reading these words can trigger the realization within you. This answer is only received experientially. In the moment recognition comes, higher-self will arise and we will KNOW the answer.

The higher-self is the real self, it is our soul, and it is our non-formed energetic aspect. The higher-self is not visible, has no shape, and is the source of everything that is us. The higher-self does not experience pain or fear and does not think, our higher-self is pure love. Our higher-self is vastly intelligent, can connect with other conscious intelligence, and thus is a vast reservoir of information. Our higher-self, contains memories of everything that has happened for all our lifetimes. Our higher-self is composed of material from the stars, and we come from the stars. Our higher-self is eternal and non-destructible and lives forever. There is no end to this journey.

Prior to enlightenment, we always are and always have been here. There are no long periods in Earth history where we have not been present to experience it. Our higher-self is constant, it is always with us, and it is our essence. Higher-self never dies we only change form from one shape to another. Look back as far as you can in your memory to a time before your birth and you will discover you can remember before your birth! Then you may realize you are here ‘right now’ and searching a vast memory bank. You realize you have no memory of being dead because you are here to review whatever has happened. Recalling a death from a previous lifetime drives this point home.

The higher-self is the driver of energy, the questioner and the receiver of information and the ultimate decision maker. Higher-self has created the lower-self, that I call the structure of personality. Higher-self had the reason to do that, so we can recognize the creator who made that structure. Higher-self is evolving through successive lifetimes on Earth, because through experience of living in the material world we eventually discover that we are not material, but are the energy behind the material. We understand that we are a creator, and it is as if we are in kindergarten, where Earth is our playground, and our most important task is learning to transform and recreate ourselves. After we have learned how to transform ourselves, then we are no longer dependent on physical earthly forms and enter another dimension of existence. We have learned all the lessons of the physical realm, and have no need to come back here again.

Chapter 4: What Is Human Metamorphosis?

“Human metamorphosis is the transmutation of the physical body into a body of light, done by our higher-self. By transforming ourselves we become a creator.” - Betsy

Our Minds Are Expanding With The Universe

Over the long evolution of human beings, what is evident from our archeological record of our human ancestors is that the size of the skull is getter larger and more complex over time. The primary difference between species of human beings has been a growing capability of the brain. We can look through our history and see these brain changes as, the start of religions, the Renaissance, the age of enlightenment, the age of the agricultural revolution, and today with the information age. This shows that our brains are expanding in ability and our collective knowledge is increasing over time for human beings.

Part of this is positive and part of it is negative. Positively, as we evolve our energetic vibration is getting stronger, so we can accumulate more information and have greater storage capacity. Negatively, there is a limit to how long this can go on and how much information we can store because of the organization of the brain and the current human DNA pattern expressed.

Current scientific information about the cosmos shows that energetic vibration and speed is increasing in all objects since the Big Bang and continues to increase over time, not slowing as previously thought. This means that all objects under the influence of cosmic vibration are vibrating faster, and will continued to do so, which I feel is the primary reason for evolution. Increasing vibration means the same as ‘we are in a growing process!’ With any form of life, there is always a beginning and an end to the life cycle, no life form goes on forever.

Everyone knows that the sun is what causes things to grow on Earth. Without the energy source of the sun, nothing would exist and thrive on the Earth. The sun is our nearest cosmic influence, and it is burning hotter and vibrating faster as it ages, which of course makes us vibrate faster too. It is not illusion that we are moving faster and things are speeding up around us.

My Big Bang Theory


I believe there will be many Big Bang events in the cosmos. I think every Big Bang has a beginning and an end, yet the process is eternal. The Big Bang is one huge growing cycle, the beginning is the massive explosion of all matter from a black hole, and the end is all matter gradually being sucked back into another black hole. You can liken the beginning as accumulation of much material in a black hole, and all that material to be like an acorn seed. The acorn seed has all the instructions needed to make the mature form of the oak tree. Then the acorn seed explodes into tiny pieces and each piece holds a kernel of the same instructions to form the tree. As the pieces explode outward and coalesce, they all gain mass over time because they are in the growing stage. As the pieces coalesce, they eventually form the tree. The tree does not vibrate so fast, as energy is locked into form. When the tree is near the end of its life, it starts to break down. As the structure slowly dissolves, energy is released from the solid structure and collects as a vortex along its core. When all the energy is collected into the vortex, the tree dies and the shell that remains is returned to the earth. Yet, the seeds produced by that tree over its lifetime go on. Owing to the experience of years of living as the oak tree and the growing force affecting all living objects, the DNA in the new acorns is not the same. The acorn contains new instructions for the next round of life. When the seed is planted, the new lifecycle begins.

From the Big Bang, the growing force is in place everywhere while the material is moving as increasing speed. As material increases speed, vibration accelerates. This is evidence of the growing process that we experience and witness daily. Eventually a point will be reached when the structure developing across the universe from the material of the Big Bang, will run out of steam. This will happen when all the life forms have reached maturity and the structure gets too weak to support the weight and is ready to transform. At this point all material will decelerate which is the dying process, will collapse and be pulled and collected into a new black hole. Yet, the reality is that while the forms will die, the energy behind the form is eternal and do not die. In the collective energetic form of the entire universe is a new seed and cycle of life, which can recreate once the next Big Bang happens. This will be a different cycle and we will be part of it eternally or not? I had a vision about this years ago, that what intelligent life was trying to do ‘on the grand scale’, was to prevent our destruction in the physical Big Bang cycle. The Big Bang cycle of creating intelligent life forms such as human beings on Earth, has been going on for a long time and collectively we do not see how to get out of the big repeating loop that always destroys the forms. If this is true, it is quite the problem! Perhaps if we enlighten ourselves and live in another etheric dimension, then we can escape from the cycle of material destruction. 

The Kundalini Awakening The Heart Chakra

The following information is not gospel – it’s just my reflections and my understandings based on my own experience of Kundalini Awakening.

As always, don’t believe a thing I say unless it resonates in your heart and works for you. Except maybe the bit about checking in with a medical professional if you have any physical symptoms – do that regardless!

So… what is Kundalini?

Kundalini is the feminine, creative, evolutionary force of infinite wisdom that lives inside every single one of us. Usually represented as a snake coiled three and a half times around, Kundalini lies dormant at the base of the spine.

But no regular doctor is ever going to find evidence of Ms Kundalini. She ain’t something in our physical body, like a bone or a muscle.

Nope, Kundalini lives in the subtle body, along with the chakras and the nadis. The subtle body also contains our energetic imprints, our mind, and patterns of energies plus any emotional blocks. It’s where samskaras exist – the mental and emotional patterns that drive our lives.

In my experience, this is not a metaphorical description. Through the practice of yoga and meditation, I’ve developed the ability to feel my subtle body, in the same way as I can feel my skin. I can sense where my subtle body is blocked and where the energy flows freely.

I can feel Kundalini dancing up the spine and along the nadis, dissolving blockages and freeing energy. Sometimes as a block is freed in the subtle body, an insight into a long-held belief arises in my mind as that belief also dissolves.

Kundalini is as real and present in my life as my son is… she is the divine force within, something that I surrender to, something that leads me on a divine dance of awakening.

Sometimes Kundalini is called Shakti, so because the words Shakti and Kundalini can be used inter-changeably… here’s an explanation:

There is one energy (Shakti) that keeps taking on new shapes and forms.

Each time the energy takes on a new form, we give it a new name.

Shakti becomes Kundalini Shakti, or simply Kundalini.

Kundalini becomes the energy of Prana, which flows in patterns or channels called Nadis, and concentrates itself by forming intersections known as Chakras.

The subtle energies condense and become known as earth, water, fire, air, and space, forming our experience of the gross world.

With Kundalini awakening, the primal energy of Shakti awakens in its true form.~ Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati

Ok, I get what Kundalini is – a form of Shakti, or divine feminine energy, that lives dormant at the base of the spine. So what’s a Kundalini Awakening?

Kundalini begins to move.

She literally Wakes Up, as Shakti starts her journey back to Shiva. It’s the reuniting of the small, separate sense of Self with the Divine. The drop of water is rejoining the ocean.

My first experience of this awakening was a heart-opening of bliss and peace. And after that, I could feel Kundalini moving in my lower spine – although I had no idea at the time that’s what it was. Now the movement of Shakti is up around the top of my spine where it meets the base of the skull.

How does Kundalini Awaken?

Yoga is one of the primary ways that Kundalini can awaken, and the point of yoga practice is to awaken Kundalini. However, all traditions generally agree that it is dangerous to awaken Kundalini without the guidance of a Master. More on why, later.

Kundalini can also awaken as a result of trauma, illness, a near-death experience, in a dream, through Shaktipat (being awakening by a Guru), through mis-use of drugs, because of past-life awakenings or by having sex with someone who has an awakened Kundalini.

What’s the point of Kundalini Awakening? What’s she doing?

The point of the awakening is the true beginning of the journey back to God. It is the surrender of the ego-self to the Divine.

The point, my friend, is self-realization.

Also the point of yoga.

Hence the intertwining of Kundalini and yoga.

Often Kundalini Awakening is perceived as the realization, as it’s often accompanied by all kinds of mystical experiences like bliss, oneness, lights and pretty colours.

In reality, however, Kundalini Awakening is only the beginning of the journey. Now that the sleeping Goddess is arising, the real work begins!

And that real work can be bloody awful.

Once Kundalini Awakens, she purifies the body, mind and spirit as she rises to the crown. Traditionally, spiritual practice would clear the subtle body – or the psyche if you like – so that when Kundalini finally did awaken, it would be a smooth and easy transition from the root chakra to the crown chakra.

If, like me, Kundalini awakens before you’ve dealt with all your shit… well, that unconscious shit is made conscious is all kinds of weird and wonderful ways.

Trust me on this one, you don’t want to force a Kundalini Awakening.

You probably don’t even want to try and gently seduce one either! Not unless you’re a serious spiritual practitioner under the guidance of a damn fine teacher.

The process of purification required by Kundalini as it ascends the spine can be extraordinarily intense and difficult. It can lead to hospitalization, institutionalisation and it can be complete disorientating in the context of a consumer, materialistic society.

Once Kundalini awakens, “Real life” will never be the same again.

So if you’re trying to make it happen, be sure that you truly understand the depths of your desire, and the difficulty of the path, because there’s every likelihood that if you did succeed in awakening Kundalini, you will wish you hadn’t.

Dr Lawrence Edwards, founder of the Kundalini Support organisation:

The purification process of this energy transformation can be bringing up latent diseases, muscle spasms, joint problems, digestive problems. People can go through all kinds of things. Hot flashes and sweats and things, numbing sensations, all kinds of things that can happen that aren’t the most pleasant ones that you might hear about in terms of spiritual transformation.

Got that? It’s not all psychic powers, bliss and oneness. It’s the hard work of the spiritual path, only once Kundalini awakens, you’re not in charge anymore, she is. There’s no getting off the ride. You gotta do what you gotta do.

How do I know if I’ve had a Kundalini Awakening?

Firstly, if you’re having weird physical symptoms, rule out any medical issues by getting a thorough and complete check-up. No matter how intense and strange your physical reactions are, and regardless of whether it’s Kundalini or not, your response needs to be grounded in reality. Look after your physical body and seek professional help.

Kundalini can manifest in many different ways – often it’s experienced initially as an intense heat or energy rising up the spine and exploding out the crown chakra. Sometimes it can be as mild as a yearning to know God.

There’s often a period of total bliss or oneness, where reality shifts and your experience of consciousness expands out until you are everything and everything is you.

My first experiences (after the heart-open bliss which only lasted an hour or so) were spontaneous jerkings of the body that totally freaked me out.

Whether you practice yoga or not, you may find your body spontaneously moving into yoga kriyas that you’ve never seen before. This also happened to me, and still does.

This spontaneous arising of yoga postures is Kundalini’s way of cleansing your system of all impurities, and eventually, as you release all the knots of the psyche, these movements turn into yoga postures.

A Kundalini Awakening also brings up all the unconscious stuff, and all the shadow stuff. Life can get really, really tough. There can be all kinds of intense emotions. Anything you’ve denied, stuffed away, rejected, forgotten about… it’s all got to be dealt with.

This is the process. This is why it’s not advised to attempt to force an awakening by yourself. It is not a path to step on to lightly.

Plus – yes, there’s more – once Kundalini is awakened, it’s likely that your life will conspire to create situations where you get to work through your karma at an accelerated rate. This is an article (or book!) all on it’s lonesome.

How do I make sense of a Kundalini Awakening?

It’s important to know that while Shakti is ascending the spine, so too is Shiva descending the spine. The point of awakening is not to transcend our material life, but to bring the Divine into it.

A Kundalini Awakening is a process of purification of our bodies and psyches so that we’re strong enough to embody the Divine in this life.

As the Dalai Lama says:

The meaning of life is to embody the Transcendent

Not to transcendent… but to embody the transcendent. Shakti is calling Shiva down even as she arises to meet him.

So a Kundalini Awakening will literally rewire your nervous system so you can handle greater and greater currents of Prana.

You become more alive, more passionate, more joyful, more loving… if you stay with the process, if you surrender to the Divine, if you accept the flow of grace and love into your life, if you can accept and love yourself completely… yup.

There are a few ifs.

This is not a path for the faint-hearted.

But once you’re on it.

There’s no stepping off.

Kundalini does not go back to sleep.

But if you truly have had a Kundalini Awakening, fear not, you can work with the process. And that’s what this article on “Suggestions on what to do if you’ve had a Kundalini Awakening” is about.

And remember: Your journey and your awarenesses will look different than those of fellow seekers of deliberate living.


Are you ready for the journey?

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Baz Porter Healer Spiritual Teacher