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Venus In The Zodiac Signs

Venus in a man's chart is his feminine ideal. In a woman's chart, this is how you embody your femininity. If you don't yet know your Venus sign, look for the symbol on the birth chart. The Zodiac sign and House position of Venus holds insights into your first love life itself. It also shows what kinds of people you're drawn to in romance and friendship. Venus in your chart tells the story of love, beauty, and your own natural creativity.

Venus in Aries

Sun signs are the most popular form of astrology that you are probably already familiar with. Determined by the position of the sun, it is easy to figure out what your sun sign is by knowing which month you were born in as the calendar year is based on the sun's position.

But the night sky is full of many other stars and planets! Paying attention to different stars can give you a more detailed astrological reading. When it comes to romance and love compatibility, looking at your Venus sign can be more revealing.

To determine your Venus sign, you have to know where Venus was located on the night you were born. As you know, there are constellations in the sky corresponding to the 12 zodiac signs. Figure out within which constellation Venus was located in or near on your birthday, and that will be your Venus sign. There are many Venus sign charts to help you figure out your Venus sign depending on your birthday.

Being a Venus in Aries does not mean your Sun sign is Aries. Again, Sun signs and other star signs are different things. 

If you were born when Venus was positioned in the Aries constellation, you are a Venus in Aries. 

Spring Energy

When Venus is in Aries, love begins again with Spring. Easily excited by the prospect of new love, you are always looking for ways to revive the romance in a long time affair. Or, taking a risk to begin something new is never far off your mind. 

Venus in cardinal fire means you're always pulsing with the new life and energy of Springtime. You'll pursue a love interest with shocking abandon, and in extreme cases, this zeal leads you into fly-by-night marriages. Your impulsiveness gets you in trouble sometimes, because you lose interest just as quickly.

You cherish your independence, and would never do or say anything for the sake of the relationship. Yes, you can be selfish, but that concentration of Self is what makes you so amazing.

You don't like anything too settled, preferring some tension in the relationship. This is maddening for "let's all get along" types. But for you, friction and mental sparring get the blood pumping. You'll flee from a passive partner or a bond that falls into a routine. Bottom line, Venus in Aries men and Venus in Aries women a like. They need a challenge and constant creativity.

Fast Friends 

You like to be the top dog of any clique, and pull it off by being generous, exciting and just so darn self-assured. Your lust for life is contagious, but not everyone can live at your pace. Others respect you because you stay true to yourself no matter what. You're generous, but can be demanding of the time and attention of others.

You're blunt, which means you won't lie and tell friends they look good all the time. Your friends count on you to tell it like it is! You admire strong, independent types, and seem to get nauseous around self-pity and insecurity. Venus in Aries is a proponent of tough love.

What Attracts Venus in Aries? 

This is a tricky one because any pre-planning will have to be tossed out the window during the wild ride with a Venus in Aries. You want people to be real, and not play games. You want people to be direct and don't say things they don't mean.

You like to lead in a relationship, but also crave dynamism in a partner. Your ideal partner is igniting their own passions and staying interested in their own life. Venus in Aries pair well with other Venus in Aries.

Dating Tips 

With a Venus in the first fire sign, love is urgent and very much in the moment. You bring full engagement to your love interest, and that kind of attention breathes life into any lover. But it's not something that can be sustained, and this can be shocking to your object of affection. Everything can seem anti-climactic after the initial rush of excitement.

To avoid burn-out in love, and keep it fresh, you'll want solo adventures. You thrive when you have a life apart, and so does your beloved. This keeps it new, as you're giddy to share all you've done and seen with your significant other.

"I Am" in Love

Consider the Aries motto "I Am" -- knowing the self through many trials and feats. A Venus in Aries relates from knowing the power of the self.

It's a challenge at times for this Venus to be in a couple. A part of Venus in Aries will rebel against being a "we," and demonstrate time and again, the identity of "me."

This can be alarming to the partner of Venus in Aries as if their beloved is pulling away. But some understanding here, for the individualistic nature of Aries, helps smooth out the rough edges. Celebrating each as an amazing singular entity, within a couple, makes Venus in Aries happy.

Venus In Taurus

Venus is the planet that governs those things that make life worth living: love, friendship, and creative expression. Venus also rules Taurus, so this is truly an auspicious placement. 

Taurus in Love

If your Venus is in Taurus, you have a distinct solidity about your presence. Your caution makes you appear reserved, though, and you're not the type to rush into relationships. You don't want high drama and will shy away from players. Back in the day, it was all about "going steady," and that remains a consistent Taurean attitude about love. It takes a while for you to feel sure of people, but when you do, you're usually very loyal.

In spite of your reserve, there's no hiding a naturally languid demeanor that makes everything you do appear sensual. You bond through tactile pleasures like massage and hand-holding, and you like lots of foreplay in the bedroom. With Venus in Taurus, you can be possessive, and if provoked, can surprise the unsuspecting partner with a furious rage. Even so, you're definitely marriage material.

Man or woman, once you commit you can be enduringly devoted, as long as you're treated with respect. And you are by no means stingy. You'll surprise loved ones with a sentimental gift every now and then. In between, you'll give in a thousand little ways that make life more pleasurable.

Winning Your Heart

Your nature calls for patient companions that let a friendship or romance unfold organically. The way to your heart is through the senses, and a lovingly prepared dinner goes a long way. But you respond to touch, too, meaningful gestures from the subtle to the overt.

You like silence, too, and feel crowded out by too much chatter.  You like self-contained friends since that's what you strive for. You'll stay bonded if the physical intimacy is strong. You open up in an atmosphere of comfort and stability. You respect dependable types and those that show they value you. You don't like it when people put on airs since you tend toward a more natural, simple way of being.


You'll suss someone out for a bit before allowing them into your circle of trust, but once you do they'll have made a friend for life.

You're the good-natured buddy that's always up for hanging out, as long as that includes plenty of provisions like food, beer, etc. You'll be there when its time to move or paint, too, especially if a pizza and your favorite beverage is offered up in exchange.

Your steady nature makes you a great shoulder to cry on. You are able to pull friends out of the doldrums with your solid advice and good humor. Just make sure you're not taken advantage of in this regard.

The Arts

Venus here brings determination to any creative pursuit, and you can rise to the virtuoso level. Known for having melodious voices, Venus in Taurus excel as singers and musicians.

You're at home working with nature, and landscaping or flower arranging is a popular hobby or even vocation. Refined taste-buds make you a good candidate for chef of the year. Your aesthetic sense translates into a good eye in any medium.

Beware Inertia

With a Venus in Taurus, you can be practical in your outlook and take your time easing into commitments. Your steadfastness makes you a devoted mate. You're patient, and in it for the long haul. You thrive in relationships that are stable and that come with the promise of building something solid, accumulating wealth, growing relationships, and taking pleasure in life's sensual pursuits.

The downside is that you are very loyal and won't give up on a relationship, even if it's become stagnant. Once rooted in something, whether personal or professional, it's hard to get you to budge. And this can keep you in relationships that are bogged down and based more on the material exchange than on mutual growth. Inertia is a big cul-de-sac for Bulls, and that sometimes leads to full-on Taurus-style depression.

Material World

If you have a Venus in Taurus you live life through your senses. You seek out the best in food, music, art, and material goods. But you are not superficial. You know quality when you see it and believe that you get what you pay for. You are the kind of person who saves their pennies to buy the best you can afford, rather than buy cheap imitations. This quality also makes you a great gift giver. 

If you're looking to impress your Venus in Taurus friend, lover, or mate, keep in mind to always appeal to their senses. Scented oils and perfumes and anything made from a tactile fabric like cashmere or silk will always impress. Venus in Taurus will also appreciate a beautiful potted plant, a massage gift certificate, artisanal foods, and a special bottle of wine or other spirits. 

Venus In Gemini

Venus Gemini guys and gals are big flirts, but they're just playing around. They know there are many fish in the sea, and put out lots of lines simultaneously. 

If your Venus is in Gemini, you're talkative, curious and a bit of a social chameleon. You have one pinky toe in many circles, and find them depending on your mood. You keep a light hold on people and don't like anything too formalized or planned out. 

Gemini in love craves life's buffet, and that translates to variety in love.

Friends say you're hilarious, charismatic, socially curious, and flexible about plans. Frenemies say you're socially awkward, nervous, insincere, casual about love, and unfaithful.

In Love and Romance

You're drawn to clever partners, with whom you can carry on a non-sequitur running dialogue of observations. Someone that makes you laugh gets extra points. You're hard to pin down and will escape anything too limiting or emotionally heavy. You don't like routine, especially when it comes to affection. When playing the field, you could spread yourself thin, and miss out on intimacy.

Friendship Style

You're a fun, lively friend that always has the lowdown on the latest gossip, parties, movies, etc. Your social network is vast, and you've got up-to-the-minute information on everybody. That's because you're always gathering tidbits, and then sharing them. You're spontaneous and jump on invites, as long as there's an opening on your calendar.

Creative Expression

You're a wordsmith, so it makes sense that you're good at creative writing. But your verbal expression serves you in many fields and is your gift in the moment. Like a comedian, a storyteller, communication is your art form. Fashion is another area, where your eye for "what works" and whimsical outlook can bring success.

The Big Attraction

You are bright-eyed and quick to laugh, making you easy to spend lots of time with. You know how to draw out what's funny at the moment, and toss it about in conversation. Humor is a bridge between people, and you do this without even realizing it.

Looking at Venus Gemini compatibility with other Zodiac signs, you're a match with other air signs, Libra and Aquarius, and fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. 

Winning Your Heart

You're drawn to those that have lots of curious things to say. You don't hang around rigid or dogmatic people too long before feeling trapped. You like partners that suggest outrageous dates, with extra points for spontaneity. You'll cozy up to lovers that are tapped into the world of ideas, someone you can take rambling journeys of the mind with.

You appreciate variety in a mate, and a lover with many tricks and games in the bedroom keeps you interested. You like to flirt and are not shy to tell someone how you feel. But you won't want to be locked into a heavy mood of deep sharing for too long.

Friends First

You've got a light way, and this puts people at ease. You're on the intellectual side and might meet at a book club, a reading, or at the magazine rack. An ideal date is one where the conversation pops, and you are alive with new realizations. You're naturally curious about people, but especially those that seem to have contradictory personalities.

Your Venus has a reputation as one of those that spread their love around generously. The extreme of this is infidelity, where there are a commitment and betrayal of it.

In your case, it could be having several friends you flirt with, seeing if there's more there. You might not be emotionally invested, but more sensitive lovers could be expecting something exclusive. Dark side Geminis are two-faced, manipulative, and could take advantage of those expectations. 

If you're in a stage of dating a lot of people, be sure to be clear with those you meet. A shadow trait of Gemini is to have an evil twin, and in love, this could mean being duplicitous. As you become aware of the different personalities you show in love, you can be honest, and your partner knows where you stand.

Venus In Cancer

Venus in Cancer guys and gals go off the deep end in love, until they've been hurt. Then they're super self-protective and wary of real trust.

Venus is valued, and with Cancer, that means valuing the emotional bond that's been created. This Venus goes against their own nature when they pretend to be casual about sex and love. Cancer in love has a tough outer shell, but underneath is a sensitive soul.

The love compatibility for those with Venus in Cancer revolves around how safe they feel. They need safe spaces for their Feels. They are sentimental and will hold on to a lost love for years and years 

You can discover if Cancer is your Venus sign by consulting your birth chart. If so, you come across as caring, emotionally perceptive and a good listener. You have a sentimental heart, and like to nurture your friends and partner.

You are at your best when you feel safe because that is when your personality unfolds into its fullest expression. At home, you like to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere where all your loved ones feel welcome.

Quality and Element

Your Venus is an active initiator as a Cardinal sign. Venus Cancer is Water, making you an imaginative lover, with a big yearning for real intimacy. 

In Love and Romance

Your vulnerable heart makes you cautious in love, and you're not one to rush into romance. That sensitivity is your strength, but it needs protection since you suffer big time when you're hurt.

Some people with Venus in Cancer have boundary issues, especially if they had a rough time growing up. Some might even be promiscuous, looking for the love they desperately need, and in the wrong places. 

You're tuned into what is unspoken, and can be thrown by the psychic turbulence of others. You need time to get to know someone and develop a sense of trust. It's easy for you to take offense, and the slightest hint of rejection makes you retreat into your shell. However, the right person makes you feel safe and secure.

Friendship Style

You're able to create a family feeling among your friends. You might come up with traditions to look forward to every year. You enjoy coming up with thoughtful gifts for birthdays and holidays.

But you can harbor resentment that others sense, but don't know how to deal with. 

You're a loyal friend that likes to stay in touch, even if you move away. You know how to make friends feel nurtured and cared for, and like others to do the same for you. Sometimes you hold on to hurt feelings, and actively start to enact revenge on the person who hurt you, without saying it directly.

You are impressionable and can pick up the mood of the person you're with. A dark character could sense your vulnerability and also play on your empathic nature. 

Creative Expression

Your vivid imagination could lead you into any of the Arts. Your work can have an emotionally healing aspect, or celebrate relationship bonds. Your creativity comes through nurturing, such as being a parent, entertaining, gardening, decorating your home, etc.

The Big Attraction

You come across as someone with a big heart. You're wise in an unspoken way and cast an enveloping warmth. You know when to say and do things to make people feel understood at a deep level.

You're sensual, once there is trust, and very affectionate. Look at Venus Cancer with other Zodiac signs to see which match best.

Winning Your Heart

With Venus in Cancer, you'll warm up to someone that doesn't approach you too directly. You may seem aloof at the outset of a relationship, but you're taking everything in, observing. You'll appreciate those that put love and care into something, like preparing a candlelight dinner.

You want to know where you stand with someone and need a high level of sincerity. A well-timed show of vulnerability signals to you that it's okay to let down your guard, too. You want to feel deeply cared about, and considered worthy of commitment. You'll shy away from those with a lot of inner demons, especially if they're below the person's own radar.

Venus in leo

Venus in Leo is demanding and wants to be adored as uniquely special.  

What's your Venus sign?

It's a Venus with zero tolerance for flirts with wandering eyes or getting the "free gift" that came with a purchase.  You can spot a re-gifter in a flash and will see it as a symbolic diss.  

With Venus in the sign of Leo, you radiate warmth and if you're not confident in love matters, you'll fake it 'til you make it.

Without even realizing it, you've got a regal bearing and can be generous, affectionate and playful.  This is my Venus sign, and though I thought I looked insecure in love, a guy told me once years ago, that I was regal. 

Venus Leo has a hard time bouncing back after a break-up, especially one that wounds the pride.  

But your persona is delightfully dramatic, and this can lend an air of excitement to your relationships.

When Venus is in Leo, it's your time to shine.  You might make a new friend, or start a love affair.  The main thing with a Venus transit is to be available -- get out and be seen!  

Admire Me!  

When dating, you like to be given the royal treatment and taken to special places. You need to feel proud of the person you're out with, as well as respect who they are.

You can learn much from the Leo in Love, and vibing that with Venus, the planet of amour.  

A guy with this Venus wants to be seen with the hottest babe, as a sign of status.  There's a competitive edge to Leo, that wants to be the winner in all things, including the game of love.

You like giving the impression that you've got many admirers, and often you do. You need a certain amount of attention, but it's got to be genuine. You'll thrive in relationships that have an epic feel, like you're stars in a romantic dramedy. You are expressive in the bedroom, as long as there's a feeling of Big Love between you, and you feel special.

If you don't feel respected, Leo's Dark Side emerges.

True Friends

You're drawn to colorful people, and find it hard to be with those that you find dull and lifeless. You are a generous friend who likes to be the cheerleader, encouraging everyone to follow their dreams.

You go out of your way to make connections for friends if you know it'll get them ahead in some way. You're the one planning over-the-top birthday and holiday parties, and you especially like being around kids.

Giving Art the Royal Treatment 

Your nature is well-suited to being a performer, but you could also shine as a dramatist or filmmaker behind the scenes. You're gifted at creating memorable spectacles and might even turn this into a career.

You like to be visible, and an active part of the human parade, so steer clear of isolated cubicles. The world of fashion might be the right stage for your talents, with the bonus of being able to strike poses, as well.

What Attracts You

You're proud, a bit of a strutting peacock, with a tendency to toot your own horn.

Playing the victim will be an instant turn-off for you.  

Confidence is an aphrodisiac, and you've got it in abundance. You're also genuinely fun to be with, able to be fully in the moment. You like to give spontaneously and have a naturally high-minded demeanor.

Is your Venus Leo compatible with other Venus signs?  

Winning Your Heart

You're drawn to striking individuals and those that stand out for good reasons.  You will retreat quickly away from someone that brings negative publicity.

You want to be treated like royalty, and never taken for granted -- ever. You'll appreciate little thoughtful gestures and grand ones on anniversaries and birthdays.

Small Title

Venus In Virgo

Venus in Virgo guys and gals are sticklers for etiquette and keeping the place tidy. They admire those that are sincere since they usually are. 

Is your Venus sign in Virgo? Find it on your birth chart. 

Venus revolves around the love of life, tastes, and values. For Venus Virgo men, it's the kind of woman that's their Venusian ideal. And for Venus Virgo women, it's the way they express their natural femininity

Virgo in love is critical, with high standards, and a matter-of-fact attitude. If you're not a match with Venus Virgo, they'll see it more in practical terms. 

Venus Virgos need a lot of hermit-time, to stay sane -- a word that unfolds to sanitize. They find beauty in the pure, the clean and wholesome. 

What You're Like

If your Venus is in Virgo, you're unassuming, reserved and a loyal friend or partner. You may not show a lot of emotion outwardly, but are sensitive to what others think.

This doesn't keep you from being critical of those you care about, always trying to help them better themselves. You're discriminating and might blow little things out of proportion. Once committed, you're the ideal "helpmate," since you tune into creating daily harmony.

Quality and Element

Mutable and Earth

In Love and Romance

You're attracted to people who are clean and don't have a lot of nasty habits. Getting into a car with a floorboard full of trash can spoil your mood, even as the date is just beginning. You appreciate punctuality and someone that has a wholesome quality.

Venus compatibility for Virgo spikes with other earth signs (Capricorn and Taurus), and water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). 

You prefer to slowly build mutual respect than to fan the flames of passion. Sometimes you're detached and hard to reach at an emotional level. Your tendency to criticize can be wicked, if not balanced with ample affection. In the bedroom, you can be endearingly modest but are responsive to touch, and over time, will reveal more layers of the sensual self.

Friendship Style

You like to be needed and feel useful in a friendship, and if it gets out of hand, you can start to feel like the unpaid intern. You're observant of the nuances of a person--their likes and dislikes--and this makes you able to offer helpful insights that really do make a difference to people.

You've got a quiet style, an analytical mind, and are picky about who you hang around with. You thrive with friends that appreciate your thoughtful care, and who won't load you down with emotional drama. You're big on healthy living and might find lots of friends through yoga classes and such.

Creative Expression

The first thing that comes to mind is writing, and this can take many forms. You could be drawn to the literary world, but just as easily use this gift as a public servant (of which there are many Venus in Virgos).

The Big Attraction

You're someone with a lot of integrity, and that is appealing to the right person. There's no game playing here, just a steady nature that likes to be "of service" to those they love. You're self-contained, and a bit of a loner and this is intriguing.

There's a sense of mystery about you since you're protective of your privacy. You likely get high marks for your skill in the bedroom, even as you're emotionally distant at times. You're trustworthy, and a right match for someone that understands your remote, yet physically sensitive demeanor.

Winning Your Heart

You want to feel appreciated, and get turned off if your efforts go unnoticed. You'll be attracted to someone that always takes care with their appearance. This means the shirt is pressed, there are no obvious stains -- extra points if you smell like soap. Good manners and a healthy lifestyle are a plus, too.

You're good at showing people how to be more efficient. A compatible partner is someone that doesn't mind being tweaked and values you for your helpful hints, critiques, and analysis of situations.

Venus In Libra

In astrology, Venus is the planet which rules our love style. The zodiac sign occupied by Venus at the time of your birth describes how you express your affection for others as well as the things in life you take the greatest pleasure in. In short, it shows how you love and what you love. 

If Venus is in Libra for you, then that can translate to mean that you are easy to be with and a dynamic talker. You have good manners and show balanced consideration across the board like leaving a fair tip in the restaurant. You are graceful, charming, an elegant dresser and probably do not like to use obscene words. Sometimes you veer toward people-pleasing, which can look empty if only meant to avoid an argument.

Famous People with Venus in Libra

They have got style and they have got grace, check out these famous people with Venus in Libra: Grace Kelly, Pablo Picasso, Richard Gere, Hugh Grant, Elvis Costello, Tim Robbins, Prince Charles, Sean Connery, and Georgia O'Keefe.

Cardinal Quality and Air Element

Venus in Libra shares the cardinal qualities and air element. Libra as a cardinal sign means that you will not find a cardinal person slacking off. Cardinal signs are full of vim and vigor and possess a drive and ambition that is unmistakable. Enthusiasm and a zest for life fill the cardinal individual.

Libra as the element of air, means this sign gives you room to breathe, widens your lungs, and as an air sign, you have a strong need to feel liberated and free.

In Love and Romance

If Venus is in Libra that can mean that you are a true romantic at heart, and thrive when in a committed, loving partnership. Even if you seem emotionally detached, you are prone to quickly merging lives, and sometimes it is too much, too soon. You are looking for someone with whom to be more than the sum of your parts. You will instinctively know if a potential lover balances you out or makes you better. At home, you like a calm, pleasing environment. If you press against your mate, it will likely be because you see room for improvement. Like with Libra in other planets, this Venus is able to unlock the sexual passion of others. In the bedroom, you are gifted at creating a romantic mood, and will likely go for all the enhancers, like candles, music, silk sheets and fresh flowers.

Strong Magnetism

If Venus is in Libra for you, then chances are that you have got style, and you know it. You know how to put people at ease, and this quickly endears you to a potential partner. As part of a twosome, you are at home, and this can make the other feel like part of something intimate and special. You are witty, mentally clear and tactful. You know when to move in and when to create distance.

What You Look for in a Mate

You respond to the power of a person's ideas and love to be wowed by smart people. You are looking for the total package and may seem detached while sizing up a potential mate. You are drawn to good-looking, intelligent, well-mannered people and will feel cheated if you think you have settled for less. You admire those that champion the cause of justice and are turned off by snobby, brash or arrogant people.

Your Friendship Style

At the party, you are the one meandering through the room with the tray of Cosmos and simultaneously introducing people to each other with the ease of a social pro. Your mind is clear, so friends value your insights and advice. When it ​comes to the give and take, you make sure things are balanced, and will make it right if it is not. You are drawn to stylish and smart friends that will make you look good, too.

Creative Expression

Your flair for language could lead you into writing, making speeches, drafting policies or acting. Your social finesse helps you grease the wheels in any profession and can get you ahead, especially in sales or business in general. Consider going into a partnership or collaborating since you thrive when working in tandem.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio shimmers with an intense mojo. Your game of seduction is a subtle one that often begins with a steamy look or sensual touch. For you, still waters run deep, and you are arguably the most passionate of the water signs.

You carry a hint of  danger, and guard your privacy closely, which makes you the kind of tantalizing mystery that can be very intriguing to potential lovers and friends.

Friendship Venus in Scorpio Style

When first meeting people, you're likely to be cautious, taking time to observe new acquaintances in several situations before making a determination if you want to pursue any relationship further.

In a world of tell-all social media, you're a private person. You require anyone in a close relationship to be able to keep your secrets. The "classified" files in your personal history are only ever revealed to those who earn your trust. While the first impression you make may be stand-offish, once you do let down your guard, you're more than willing to show how much you truly care for someone.

Venus in Scorpio is highly intuitive. You're that friend who can read someone like a book and sum up their troubles with startling insight. Many with this astrological alignment are telepathically attuned. Sometimes you feel an overwhelming urge to call someone, only to find they were just about to call you.

When you're able to put your whole self into what you're doing, you bring powerful focus, drive, and imagination to whatever you touch. If you're collaborating on a project, you'll likely want to retain some measure of creative control. Some may call you a control freak, but the reality is you have standards and a strong desire to hold true to your own vision.

Love and Romance

With Mars and Pluto as your planetary rulers, you're intense and confident, a combination that makes you very attractive. Your intuition tells you when someone's into you and when they're not. If they are, your patience allows you to bide your time and wait for the right moment to take a relationship further.

You've got animal magnetism and know when to turn it on to get attention. You check out any potential mate with great care, but hold your cards close the vest when the tables are turned—at least at first. To win your heart, there must be some element of surrender on the part of your mate.

Once chosen, a Scorpio in Love is intensely bound—body and soul—to the object of his or her affections. Scorpio is the sign that has the urge to conjoin in every way possible—emotional, spiritual, and sexual. Your caution in all relationships has to do with your heightened instincts with regard to this merging. You're looking for a complete union of souls and will shy from lovers who want to keep things light and casual.

There's always a risk in merging, and that's why Scorpio's intensity comes with a dangerous mystique. What will happen? In love, Scorpio is an all or nothing sign and all relationships are potentially life-changing. If your Venus has hard aspects, you may experience true ordeals in love life that may feel as if you're dying and being reborn.

The best partner for you is someone who is strong both mentally, emotionally, and sexually. You need someone who won't easily bend to your will and will be inspired rather than dismayed by the amped-up sexuality that's part and parcel of who you are. (A partner without a healthy libido will likely fall by the wayside soon enough.)

The Venus in Scorpio Downside

You're something of a natural detective, but your inquisitive nature can be taken to an extreme. Your desire to exert control over friends can become oppressive if you're jealous of their other connections, so you must take care to keep your "inner stalker" in check and guard against over possessiveness.

It's hard for you to forgive, so it's best to stick with people who don't play games (easier said than done, of course). In your darkest times, you may obsess over lovers and ex-lovers and come up with strategies to get even with those you feel did you wrong. Things go wrong when you attempt to control or manipulate your partner to keep them in line. If you're not vigilant, your love life could become a dark tale of neurosis, paranoia, lusty addiction, and vengeance.

Venus In Sagittarius

Guys and gals born with Venus in Sagittarius live for adventure, because in one person you combine Venus, the lover, under the rule of Jupiter, the planet of freedom, luck, and breathless risks.  Venus in Sagittarius shares the Mutable quality and the element of Fire.

Characteristics of Venus Sagittarius

As a person with Venus in Sagittarius, you find that you value freedom and are high spirited and candid. You're sensitive to any kind of limits on your movement, and more security-minded lovers will find that tough to take. 

There's a defiant edge to Venus Sagittarius, as you move freely and seek variety in love and among friends. If this is your Venus sign, you're a tease at times and can seem light-hearted in relationships. But you also recognize and are drawn to people who are purely motivated and will be turned off by potential lovers who are somehow sketchy. 

It's easy for others to be with you since you're so jovial and fun. You're very social, and want to experience everything firsthand, preferably with other free spirits.

Sagittarius is a sign "sans frontiers," and you'll want to broaden your horizons through travel, and enjoy meeting people from diverse cultures. You like to philosophize and explore the world of ideas with other inspired minds. You get clues about this Venus from Sagittarius in Love. 

Love and Dating 

The social calendar of a Venus Sagittarius is often full because you are a collector of friends and lovers. Often they're one and the same since having a strong friendship is important to you in love. You're not into emotional drama and will hightail it out of a heavy or over-analyzed relationship. Play, travel, soaking up the nightlife, discussing world cultures—these things bond you to a partner-in-adventure.

It may take a while before you commit to one person, and your experimental side means you'll be curious about all things sexual. You'll play the field for a long time, as part of your overall quest for experience.

Jovial Friends 

You're likely that person who waves to all your "friends" as you're walking down the street. And you're always meeting new ones, because of your outgoing, curious nature. Friendships enlarge your world, and with your global focus, you could end up with friends in every port.

You're idealistic, and can be a source of inspiration for others. Some might doubt your sincerity since you cast such a wide net, and you tend to singe more sensitive types with your too-blunt honesty. You're compatible with those on the go, ready for adventure, without the need for a whole lot of emotional bonding.

The Big Attraction

You've got a friendly demeanor that opens doors and makes people take notice. Usually, you're joking and having fun, and people want to be part of that, so they draw near. It's easy for you to get to know people, and this often leads you to make romantic liaisons quickly.

You're someone that can even make dating fun since you're so light about it all. You may be quick to get intimate, but that doesn't mean you're ready for one partner. Some might not understand your need for complete freedom, mostly from emotional entanglements. The right partner has their own joie de vivre and is as active as you are.

Creative Expression

There could be many outlets for your spontaneous style—music, comedy, storytelling, theatre, etc. You'd make an engaging teacher since your students would appreciate the mix of intellectualism and humor.

Winning Your Heart

When Venus in Sagittarius is looking for love, you're looking for someone that exposes you to new experiences. Your travels might be where you find many of your lovers. In fact, you may even end up with someone from a different culture entirely.

You have a tendency to idealize your mate, but it's a long, hard fall for them when they turn out to be less than perfect. It's not hard to win you as a casual partner, but getting you to commit is usually a matter both of timing, and someone having most of the right stuff. It's important to seek out those also seeking adventure, variety, freedom, or you're liable to unwittingly break a few hearts along the way.

Venus in Capricorn

You're fairly discriminating, and know when you've found a well-rounded person that can be your rock.

Do you see yourself as intimidating? Some Venus Capricorns are materialistic and status-oriented. Even the ones that aren't super ambitions are likely attracted to power, wealth and achievement.  

You like classic looks over what's trendy. And you're definitely looking for substance, and don't fall for empty sweet talk.  

Is this your Venus sign? Find out by looking on your (free) birth chart.

You're in cupid's sight, when Venus is in Capricorn, and other earth signs.

The Interview 

When dating, you probably ask questions about career first, sussing out the level of ambition.

You can learn about Capricorn in Love -- this brings together the Goat and amour, and will be helpful.

You want to join with someone that you can build an empire with. You're not likely to be into one-night stands, and will see red flags with players, or those that are all flash and no substance.

Having said that, Capricorn is a sign that's known for having a high libido, and if you're young, you can sow a lot of oats.  You have the quirky attitude of being casual about sex, but taking commitment very seriously.  

You're a bit old-fashioned, with a dream to settle down and create something that lasts. It takes a while before you open up in love, and reveal an earthy sensuality that has staying power.

Friendship Style

You're a great colleague to have.  

You're the type of friend that helps your pals get a leg up in the world. You like to be dependable, and expect your close associates to match your responsibility level. It's likely that you meet a lot of your closest friends at work, or through a collaboration of some kind.

With Venus in the sign of Saturn, you may have bouts of melancholy that take you deep into a dark place. It's important to have friends that understand your need for privacy, but will also reach out with support.

Creative Expression

You've got a shrewd eye for good partnerships, and this can get you ahead in the world.

Anything you create seems well-constructed, and might be rooted in a sense of place or tradition. You build things to last, with an eye on leaving a lasting legacy.

You can be drawn to the old Masters of art, and be turned off by what passes as art today. You're likely interested in antiques and artifacts, and may have collections going of these, some of which have great value.  

The Big Attraction

There's something soulful about you, made all the more intriguing because you keep so much private.

Yet you're a "doer" and your ambition makes you attractive. Since you're discriminating, those that get into your circle know that it's a kind of honor.

You win and keep respect, and know that's the basis for an enduring relationship. You handle your connections with dignity, albeit a bit on the cool side, but this sets you above the fray. Your loyalty is unwavering when a mate has proven to have the right stuff.

Regardless of what your Sun sign is, you get along great with the earth signs -- Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

Winning Your Heart

You're looking for someone you can count on through thick and thin. You definitely don't want someone who will leach off you.  

You'll warm up to someone who reaches you through the senses -- look to the Earth Element (Too Much, Too Little), for ideas.  

It helps someone's case if they're accomplished in some area, or are a self-made man or woman. Capricorn is a sign known to seek stability through wealth and success, and you'll find prosperity attractive.

But you also admire hard-working, resourceful people on the way up in life. You're a realist, so you're not expecting perfection, just someone perfect for you.

What You're Like

Your approach to relationships may seem a bit serious. It's likely that you approach them like business partnerships. There's got to be a sense that the person is worth investing in, and that it'll grow over time. You want to surround yourself with dependable people.

Venus in Aquarius

Venus Aquarius guys and gals think different. They're known for having social stamina and extending friendship to an eclectic mix of people. 

They tend to look striking in some way or have a strange style sense. Some are ultra chic and clean, others fall in the edgy camp, with a high shock factor, like piercings or tattoos, etc. 

Even if Venus Aquarius outwardly blends in, there's likely something unusual about their mindset. You can e maddening when you're in crusader mode, with a slight tinge of self-righteousness. Is this your Venus sign? Find it on your birth chart — look for the Venus symbol.

Aquarius in love 

(Venus) brings an original, totally independent outlook to relationships. There's a good chance that you'll make surprising choices in love.

The social label on them by race, class, religion, is as ephemeral to you as someone's hair color. This gives your love life the look of unconventionality, and you may end up shocking people in the process!

The Venus Aquarius Woman defies convention. A man with Venus Aquarius respects free thinkers and women who let their freak flag fly! In same gender relationships, this is the Venusian expression, of the feminine, creativity and being in love with life.

In Love and Romance

You need a lot more space than most people, and don't want to be bound up, or merge, or anything codependent like that. You're a sampler and a friendly group-oriented person that feels more at home in a small clique.

It's important to be with someone whose mind is as quirky as yours, and that won't judge your far-out ways. You may appear aloof when dating since the intimate encounter is at odds with your nature. But you'll respond to an intelligent, fair-minded person that lets you go off on your own most of the time.

Your peak for love is when Venus comes around to Aquarius, which happens once a year usually.

Friendship Style

It's possible that you're a member of a few different groups, clubs or cliques of like-minded people. You might even meet a lot of people through activism since you don't shy from promoting a cause you believe in. At the same time, you're an emotional loner and might balance the two by being alone in a bustling, active place.

Friends probably consider you fair, completely non-judgemental and with your own take on everything. You have a soothing effect on the unbalanced, and maybe a magnet for the outcasts and eccentrics. You're admired for treating everyone with the same respect.

Creative Expression

You're likely to conjure up something that doesn't exist yet. This makes you ahead of your time in the realm of creativity.

It's important to follow your inspiration, despite what mainstream art and culture of the day is promoting.

The Big Attraction

You get noticed because you're so off-beat and original. And people respect the way you stand up for justice or champion the underdog, even if it puts you in the line of fire. It's easy to be with you because you're not going to get critical or bring up the emotional past.

You seem to dwell above that, and this lends your relationships a sense of space and respect. You're never boring since you respond in a spontaneous way to each moment. The right mate is not threatened by your independent nature and doesn't need a whole lot of emotional reassurance or structure in the relationship.

Winning Your Heart

You're attracted to those that are quirky individuals in their own right. Above all, you're looking for an intellectual rapport, someone you can take journeys of the mind with. The background is not important, and you may end up with someone from a very different culture.

You'll thrive with a mate that lets you go out with all your other friends. You're looking for a partner that's your number one friend among many. You don't want a conventional life and might shy away from marriage until later in life.

Venus In Pisces

Venus Pisces guys and gals are lovers who naturally seek out soul mates and kindred spirits. You know instinctively that people wear masks, and yearn to know a deep love that's beyond the mask.  

You want to go beyond the illusion of separation, and might take a shortcut with drugs, libations or "too much, too soon" hope for the best intimacy. Venus is "exalted" here in traditional lingo, which speaks to the Pisces associations of higher love, forgiveness and the sublime.

You can be a dreamy person that has an idea in your mind of the soul mate of your dreams. It's easy for you to fall in love, or with an idea of who someone is, but you also are easily wounded. You remind me of a snail that recoils from touch or changes shape as it moves. 

You're gentle, and can adapt to the moods of others, often losing yourself in the process. It's important to learn the art of self-protection, so you're not tossed about in a sea of emotion.

It's also hard for you to set personal boundaries, at times, and you'll likely long to merge with your beloved. That's why it can take awhile for you to get over hurts and disappointments when things go wrong.

In Love With Love (and Hate) 

Neptune-enchanted lovers of all kinds will see themselves -- and perhaps cringe -- reading Gary Goldschneider's quote in Everyday Astrology on Pisces in love. 

He writes, "Deluding themselves into thinking they truly love another, they are in fact just indulging their own narcissistic and highly idealistic urges." He notes that the fishy lover goes through a cycle of enthrallment, followed by jealousy and torment of self and the beloved. 

Goldschneider concludes, "Perhaps no better description of a Pisces love affair has ever been given than these lyrics from the themes song of the film Casablanca: 'Moonlight and love songs never out of date / Hearts full of passion, jealousy, and hate." 

Love and Romance

For you, love can be a mystical experience with the right person. You're impressionable, so it's important to learn to weed out those that would take advantage of your sensitive and yielding nature.

You tend to fall in love at first sight, and you might not see the red flags passing in front of your face. Even if someone treats you badly, you're liable to hold onto the connection, choosing to see through rose-colored glasses.

Friends Through Time 

Your kind heart can lead you to go out of your way for friends, but also for any person or animal in need. This makes you a thoughtful listener, with an extraordinary capacity to empathize. But often this blurs the lines, and you get over-involved with the emotional burdens of others.

When younger, you might get bossed around a lot, but find the strength later to direct your course more. More than most signs, you'll need to steer clear of those that drain you, and gravitate to those that uplift you.

The Arts 

You've got a vivid, poetic imagination that seems almost divinely inspired.

Your work may have otherworldly themes, and involve dreams, past lives, the invisible bonds we share, and our link to the spirit world. You can inhabit the emotions of others, making you a natural for acting and other fields of performance.

The Big Attraction

There's something mystical about you that appeals to the dreamer in all of us. You're able to read things on a symbolic level, which lends some magic to your relationships.

Your genuine kindness makes people trust you, and meet you with an open heart. You can have a fluid, graceful demeanor, and your imagination makes you an engaging conversationalist.

Winning Your Heart

You may wait for others to make the first move, so an ideal lover will be an initiator type. It's best for you to avoid those that are detached and speak of keeping things casual. You won't want to linger around harsh, abrasive people, or those wrapped up in the mundane. You're drawn to the artists and dreamers of the world.

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